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7 Ways to Increase Blog Engagement. For Business and Blogger

Posted on the 09 February 2018 by Cliff Booker
7 Ways to Increase Blog Engagement. For Business and Blogger

You might see the articles on the website and see people making tons of money by creating a blog. Sometimes, these people generate thousands and thousands of dollars a day. This is rare, but there are a lot of people who are generating up to 20 grand a month from their blog.

So, how they do this is the question. Let us learn about it.


There is an important marketing technique, a concept "Call to Action." You can just talk about something but probably the reader more likely to click the link to explore more about that particular term or thing.

Just like on YouTube and other social media videos, the anchor told the audience to subscribe to their channel, give a thumb up, like the page, etc. They are calling for action. So, if you want someone to do something, you have to tell them about it. Ask them to do it. If you would not do, then the chances are that they will not do it.

Therefore, if you want people to comment on your blog, you must tell them to leave a comment. When you end up a blog post like this, you are likely to get more and more comments below it. This is probably the most effective technique every time you write a blog post. It should always have one 'call to action,' and typically it should end with it.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to ask for so many things at a time, such as, share the blog, leave a comment, etc. You have to pick one thing at a time otherwise it will not work. This is one of the engagement strategies that can involve the reader in your post.

Blog Posts for SEO:

When you have a blog website, then you have to create content to drive traffic to your site. The most valuable marketing that you can invest in is yourself. As you have your unique perspective that you must show it off and share what makes your business perfect for your prospective customers.

Whenever you get stuck, you must go back and look at the list that you have created to get the motivation for new ideas. There is a list of questions that you can use to create a helpful content that will attract more customers.

Can I Simplify A Complicated Question And Make A Blog For It?

The tutorial post is most often the most popular because of the value that they provide. They also help in building trust with the prospective customer. So, the more you do it, the more sales you can make over time.

What Are the Perfect Client's Commonly Asked Questions Related to My Business?

You can sue your blog content to enter commonly asked questions. It is extraordinarily helpful because you are individually responding to questions that are asked of you. You can take people to the detailed piece of content on your blog, in a newsletter or a video.

What Is My Ideal Client Searching For On Google?

If you want your business to be discovered, then you need to write a searchable content. Whatever they are searching for, you must try to make that available on your blog.

What Am I Asked About The Most In My Business?

You must share your business in detail on your blog. The audience will grow and start asking more about tips, tricks, and techniques that you use for your business.

How Can I Be Empowered And Become The Person I Am Today?

These types of blog posts that help make some changes in your business and then allow your readers to get to know you as a person and as an entrepreneur.

How Can I Find A Particular Specialty Inside Me And How Can I Do It Differently Than Others?

This type of posts is educational and compelling, as well as a point of diversity for your business. Take some time to clarify what your company has which is different from others because uniqueness provides value and build trust over time.

What Thing Should I Find Early In My Business But Could Not Find the Answer?

This is the golden content. If you could write something about something that you could not find the answer to, you proximately become an authority of the particular niche that you are working in. It is easier to find a solution to commonly searched questions. However, when you answer a rare and challenging question with your writing, then you are inevitably going to win the search lottery.

How can I be Complimented and Why Is It Necessary to Me?

It is important to highlight what other compliments you about because it helps the potential customers to come in and find you a good fit for what they are looking for. So, make mention of what people complimented you about in the past. They said it because it is rare, so show it off.

Creating content like this changes the businesses and help them grow. You can do the same things to get your business discovered by people.

Consistency and Branding

When you are running your own business, creating content can sometimes feel like the very last thing you want to do. Creating a consistent content on your blog website is the best way always to be driving the targeted free traffic to your website to make even more sales and get more brand awareness. Specific tips for this are:

Plan your content of time. Get it out of your head by writing it down. Set up a calendar for yourself. Such schedules are vital to your content. Events, speaking engagements, launches, campaigns, etc., are the things that need to be in your content calendar.

Take photos and film your business and add it to our content later on. You can take them for branding and promotions coming up. So, get as much content as you can store in an organized way.

Some tiers that every business should focus on are the ones that will help you to resonate with the audience.

  • Educational content.
  • Survey your Audience.
  • Inspirational content.
  • Community to generate content.

This is a great way to bank the content that you can sue for your business at a later date. You must save anything relevant and beneficial to your business. This is how you can create your content on a consistent basis.

Solid Blog Design for Reader Engagement

You are supposed to make a website for your blog posts in a way that appeals the visitors. The aesthetics are not as important as the type of content you share in it. The visitor must come back to the mind that this time again he/she will get maximum benefit from your posts. This is an excellent tool for engaging the clients.

You have to templatize your website that is both unique and appealing to the visitor. The features of the website can be simple, but they must be well organized and give a complete look.

Speed Up The Navigation And Load Times:

When a reader tries to connect to your website and find it slow, then probably he/she will never revisit your website. Because they know in advance that their time is going to be wasted. Therefore, it is essential to have good navigation and load times to keep the customers coming back to your blog posts. If your website navigation is right, then the client will go again and again to explore your contents, products, etc.

Use The Art Of Story Telling:

You can use YOU and my words in your article. This sounds like a conversation. People will interact and engage with you. In short, you must know the art of storytelling. This how people can easily connect with you. They will feel like someone is talking to them personally.

The art of storytelling makes the content more understandable and straightforward for the reader. Also, you must keep in mind the interest of people. The style to which they respond best must be your signature style. They will stick around and come back, again and again, to learn and enjoy.

These are the primary rules to engage the audience, and your goal must only be to inspire others and act every single day to accomplish your goal of satisfying the visitors to your website. You must have an authorized blog and should produce content on a regular basis and educate the targeted market to solve their problems.

People should engage with your content, like it, comment and share it as it will allow you to bring more traffic to your website. People would like to know what next you have shared on your site. Other people will come in and see the activity and spread the word to others. So, a whole chain will start to grow and boat your business.

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