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7 Tips to Dress Your Baby in Krishna Dress

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

Janmashtami is celebrated widely across India and is the day of Lord Krishna's birth. It is a major festival in India, with different states celebrating it differently. Dramas called Ras Lila are conducted in Mathura and Vrindavan, and are attended by several people. Another popular Janmashtami tradition is one where a pot of buttermilk is placed at a great height, and young men and boys create a human pyramid to reach and break the pot. This tradition is called Dahi Handi in Maharashtra and Uriadi in Tamil Nadu, and is great fun to watch!

Another Janmashtami tradition in many households is to dress the youngest male member of the family as Lord Krishna, which as you can imagine, is an adorable sight! So if you've been wondering how to dress your baby in Krishna dress, we have a few tips for you right here!

7 Tips to Dress your Baby in Krishna Dress

1. Bright dhoti

7 Tips to Dress your Baby in Krishna Dress

A bright dhoti is the simplest way to get your baby dressed up as Krishna. It's best to opt for the ready made dhoti rather than trying to tie one yourself on a wriggly little baby! For babies, just a bright colored dhoti and a couple of accessories will suffice to make them look like Krishna.

2. Kurta - dhoti set

7 Tips to Dress your Baby in Krishna Dress

This is the perfect idea for older babies and toddlers, and makes for a full costume! Make sure the kurta is of the style shown here, with an opening to the side, rather than in the center. These are usually available as a set and you can buy the one shown in the picture from here.

3. Stole

7 Tips to Dress your Baby in Krishna Dress

A stole in silk or satin comes in very handy for a Krishna costume. You can either wrap it around your baby's shoulders as shown in the picture, or tie it around his waist. You can also tie it around his head, but this will only work on babies who can at least sit upright without support.

4. Jewelry

7 Tips to Dress your Baby in Krishna Dress

Make the costume more realistic with accessories! Use artificial jewelry that is light weight and will not snag baby's skin. Avoid anything that has strings that the baby can pull on and tighten. You can also use soft artificial flowers for a garland. You can also use bright shiny fabric to make your own ornaments.

5. Crown

7 Tips to Dress your Baby in Krishna Dress

Krishna was also a prince, so make your baby look like one too! A crown is essential to compete the costume, so get one that suits your baby's age and mobility. It's quite likely that he'll pull it and throw it across the room, so make sure it's comfortable! You can use simple fabric crowns or make one out of cardboard.

6. Peacock Feather and Flute

7 Tips to Dress your Baby in Krishna Dress

You cannot imagine a Krishna without a flute, can you? A peacock feather and flute just adds the finishing touch to the entire costume, but ensure the flute is safe for your baby to chew on. Affix the feather firmly in his crown or sash so that it doesn't fall off or get chewed!

7. Blue face paint

7 Tips to Dress your Baby in Krishna Dress

This one is better left to older kids and only if you have one that is patient enough to sit through the process! Mix a little safe blue food coloring with your child's regular moisturizer and apply. Always try a patch test before proper application. Avoid this for babies.

Here are a few tips to keep your baby safe throughout:

7 Tips to Dress your Baby in Krishna Dress

1. Make sure no part of the costume contains anything that can become a potential choking hazard

2. Ensure that the costume fits comfortably and is of a non-irritating fabric.

3. When using artificial jewelry, watch out for any allergic reaction from the metal.

4. Avoid beads and pearls, which might break and get swallowed.

5. Dress your baby when he is at his best; after eating and resting.

You certainly want to take pictures of your cutie pie, so we advise setting up all your photography props in advance. This way, when the baby is ready, you can click his pictures right away, before he does something to ruin his costume! And remember, less is more; don't over accessorize. Your baby will look adorable even without all the fussy trinkets!

(All Images courtesy: Flickr Creative Commons)

Lots of Love,

7 Tips to Dress your Baby in Krishna Dress
7 Tips to Dress your Baby in Krishna Dress

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