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7 Things That Caught My Attention This Week (including a Couple of New Products)

By Brisdon @shutuprun

1. This morning’s sunrise:


I got to the reservoir at 5:45 a.m. for an open water swim. Note the outside temperature in June (yes, I am aware my car is dusty):


2. This video (maybe you have to have a teen girl to totally appreciate this, but this had me laughing my ass off. GLITTER! Pin the tale on the period! Vagina cake!):

3. These shoes: Asics sent me these shoes that they have recently released. They are the ASICS Gel Electro 33s.  Joie calls them my Easter shoes because of the colors (they also come in a really pretty pink color).  These are a lightweight (7.1 oz)  neutral shoe with a low heel to toe drop of 10 mm (MSRP = $110. I was sent these by Asics, but all opinions are my own).


I have put about 30 miles on these shoes so far. I like the fact that they are not bulky and that they encourage a mid foot strike for me. I find that Asics shoes run big, so even though I sized down a half size, they are still a bit too large (keep that in mind if you order them!).


Even if it is not really true, I find that a lighter weight shoe that has more of a slipper-like fit, makes me feel faster and lighter. However, there is still ample cushioning.


4. These Greek frozen yogurt bars:


Yasso sent me a coupon to try some of their bars. We indulged in the chocolate fudge ones. I know Greek yogurt is all the rage now…so to me, these were kind of a trendy item that did not justify the price tag (about $4.99 for a six pack). Honestly, our family did not love them, and I would prefer your average, cheap fudgesicle. However, they are only 100 calories per bar, with 7 grams of protein, so if you are looking for a refreshing recovery ice cream bar after your run, try these. Other flavors are mint chip, sea salt caramel and peanut butter (a pack of these were sent to me for free, but all opinions are my own).

5. This generator:

Photo: I'm Penny ProteinBar.

I don’t know if you can beat mine, which was “Heidi Hot Tamale.” I knew I should have been a hooker instead of a social worker.

6. This recurring dream: I am asleep in the dream, and wake up in the dream. I am driving a car and cannot keep my eyes open. I am having conversations and cannot keep my eyes open. I am worried that I cannot keep my eyes open. I asked Ken what he thought this meant. His reply? “Ummm..I’m not dream interpretation expert, but maybe you are tired?”

7. This article:


I was very glad to hear that my upcoming race would be even more brutal than I had imagined. I mean, it isn’t enough that any Ironman is brutal, but the pros have to designate this one as especially brutal. Heat, wind, altitude, tough course…plus, it will be the largest IM to date (3,000 people). That means I’ll get kicked in the face a few extra times on the swim.

Wow. I had a lot going on this week from prostitutes to fudgesicles to teenage menstrual cycles. Never a dull moment.


What is your hooker name?

Tell me one random thing that caught your attention this week.


PS: I keep forgetting to give the name of the winner of the “best confessions contest.” It was Christina with this gem (girl after my own heart):

“I cant believe that I am writing this on the internet. because i never told a single soul except my best friend who also did the same thing as me (that's the only reason I told her). so I had a track workout to do. and I needed to...poop. really really. and the feeling didn't wax and wane. it just stayed. and it was urgent. of course it was at the ass crack of dawn and the bathrooms were locked. I couldn't go home. i had a plastic shoprite bag in my car and did what i had to do. omg. don't judge me. hahaha had a great workout though! haha”

Email me at [email protected] with your address and I’ll send out your prize!

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