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7 Great Gifts Ideas for the Christian Man in Your Life

By Sephoracouturier

Although James 1:17 might state that, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above,” it doesn’t mean the special man in your life wouldn’t still appreciate an unexpected surprise from you. But, what do you get the man who has everything? A tie or new wallet are standard options but it’s time to be a little more out-of-the-box with your gift-giving.

If you’re looking to give your boyfriend, husband, brother, or father the perfect present to celebrate him and his faith, search no further. We’ve compiled a list of thoughtful, personalized gifts for any faith-centered man.

1. Not of This World Sticker

A NOTW sticker is the perfect way to decorate a vehicle and show the world his faith-based lifestyle. Stickers like these are a great statement without feeling over-the-top or cheesy. If he prefers something else, there are many Christian stickers to choose from that range from simple cross designs to Bible verses. If you’re feeling generous, gift him an entire sticker pack so he can make his car, binder, and anything else a reflection of the life he’s chosen to live.

2. Christian Hat

Christian hats have taken a large step forward in fashion and could quickly become a staple of his wardrobe. Depending on his taste, a ‘Faith’ baseball cap can be a casual addition to his look while also letting his friends and coworkers know where he stands. And don’t worry, if you live in an area that has a longer winter than summer, there are some warm Christian-themed beanie to keep him comfy in the cold.

3. Shield of Faith Necklace

There’s something about a strong visual reminder that can be really powerful and heartening for a man of faith. With an inscription from Joshua 1:9 on the reverse side, the Shield of Faith Pewter Necklace isn’t just an accessory, it’s a statement. The nice part is, it’s interesting enough that his friends could be curious enough to ask about it, and that could lead to some incredible conversations.

4. Personalized Bible Case

If you don’t feel confident in your DIY skills, that’s ok. There’s plenty of ready-made gifts that are just as thoughtful even if you didn’t make them yourself! For the man who attends church every Sunday without fail, a customized Bible case is a great, thoughtful option. He’ll carry it proudly to every service. Made of leather and built to last, you can have it engraved with a special message or his favorite Bible verse.

Buying gift for your religious partner

5. ‘Let God’ Mug

Does the special man in your life start his morning with a devotional and a morning cup of coffee? A nice way to help add to that moment could be gifting him this beautiful Let God mug. Here are some other ideas to round out this gift with coffee-themed accessories and add-ons:

6. Tickets to his Favorite Concert or Christian Speaker

Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be appreciated by the receiver but, if you can swing it, tickets to a Christian band or famous pastor’s sermon would be an incredible gift. Andy Stanley, Timothy Keller, or Louie Giglio – whomever the man in your life loves to watch and listen, get him this memorable present for an experience he won’t soon forget.

7. ‘With God All Things Are Possible’ Wooden Wall Art

Art is a fantastic idea for the Christian bachelor looking to enhance his pad with aesthetically-pleasing wall hangings that showcase his priorities. It could be a nice change of pace from the decorations provided by his housemates or school friends. This amazing piece of wall art will give his space the “oomph” it needs. Plus, the positive message will remind him to stay optimistic even during difficult times.

Gifts for the Christian Man

While you may be at a loss for what to buy men —many are notoriously hard to shop for— there are plenty of options if the man in question has a strong pull toward faith. Try to think about what he needs or likes to get that perfect, personalized gift. With a little thoughtfulness, you’ll be able to gift a present that reflects the Christian man in your life and all of his unique facets. If you’re still struggling after all of this, a little prayer couldn’t hurt. Maybe it’s time to let go and let God when it comes to giving the perfect gift.

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