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7 Curb Appeal Tips for Fall

By Epic Home Ideas @epichomeideas

Epic Home Ideas

Fall has slowly settled down, bringing the magic of changing colors and chilly, but pleasant nights. While nature’s spectrum of lovely earthy tones will undoubtedly give a unique charm to your home’s exterior, you can take up several simple remodeling projects to boost your property’s curb appeal and capture the spirit of fall. Not only will your home leave a stunning first impression on your visitors, but it will also have an inviting and warm appeal.

curb appeal fall

Don’t forget the basic fall maintenance


A simple way to boost the curb appeal of your home is to do some basic fall maintenance. While you might not have to mow your lawn, you still need to pull out all the weeds, maintain your flowers in planter boxes, clean the piles of fallen leaves etc.

Although leaves can give your lawn a lovely coat, they will block off the sunlight, so your grass will eventually wither. You should also clean all the leaves and debris from the gutters and trim the shrubs and trees in your yard.

Install subtle exterior lighting

subtle lighting

Without proper outdoor lighting, your home will seem gloomy, especially with days getting shorter and shorter. Intimate exterior lighting will help you emphasize the beautiful features of your home and create a welcoming look.

You can install lovely vintage wall sconces on the sides of your front door, while simple landscape path fixtures are perfect for illuminating your walkways. If you have a deck or small patio, you can use candles to create an intimate atmosphere.

Add a coat of paint

home painting

Simple repainting your home’s exterior will introduce a sense of novelty and boost its curb appeal. In addition, this is a great opportunity to protect your façade from the upcoming unfavorable weather conditions by applying a layer of protective coating.

When choosing an exterior color scheme, you should go with soft, neutral hues with a timeless value that will fit the general style of your home.

Box up your windows

Beautifully designed boxes will give your windows a defined and structured look while also allowing you to experiment with autumn decorations. When choosing window boxes, make sure to pick those that will fit the general design of your home.  From simple but charming wooden planters to stunning iron hangers, you have a range of options. Afterwards, just add fall-inspired decorations and voila!

Style up your front door

Your front door is a focal point of your home’s exterior that should have an inviting appeal. You can accentuate the front door by repainting them in a vibrant hue, such as a stunning shade of red or brown colors. You can also change the hardware or add a lovely wreath of fall leaves and flowers as a final touch.

Fall is the perfect time of year to completely replace your entry door with a new one – with cold winter days approaching, a new front door will improve your home’s insulation.

Design a fall-inspired porch

front door in fall

With just a few simple decoration ideas, you can give your front porch a lovely fall-inspired look that will capture the spirit of the season. While there are a plenty of creative ideas you can use, you should aim for a balanced look and simple decorations.

If your entryway has two pedestals, you can create a harmonious atmosphere by placing matching decorations on them. Pumpkins, wreaths of fall foliage and lovely outdoor mats can add to the curb appeal of your home this fall. You can also use beautiful wicker baskets full of fall-inspired decorations or add cosy blankets and plaid, burlap or gingham throw pillows to your porch benches or rocking chairs.

Plant seasonal flowers

seasonal flowers

Just because summer is behind us, it doesn’t mean that your lovely yard can’t have colourful flowers. There’s a range of fall-blooming flowers that will add a pop of color to your home’s exterior. From soft yellow perennial sunflower and lovely helenium with fiery blooms to gentle pink flowers of Japanese anemone and contrasting blue shades of monkshood, lovely autumn flowers will create a vibrant and authentic atmosphere in your yard.

By redecorating your home’s exterior this season, not only will you boost its curb appeal, but you’ll also capture the true spirit of fall.

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