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6 Tips to Planning a Once in a Lifetime Trip to Republic of Ireland

By Jsbdsl @jonnyblair
6 Tips to Planning a Once in a Lifetime Trip to Republic of Ireland

Downtown Cork City

Are you planning a trip to the Republic of Ireland? Do you want to get the very best out of your trip? Ireland is a great destination to visit as it is a tranquil place that can offer a splendid blend of outdoor activities and indoor luxuries that will fit any area of interest.

Whether you want to come for a short while or are planning a long stay visit, it is essential to have a plan for the most memorable experience. Here are 6 tips to planning a once in a lifetime trip to the Republic of Ireland:

Top 6 Tips to a Great Vacation in the Republic of Ireland

  1.   Book Your Tour Early

Booking a tour is one of the ways you can get the most out of your trip. If you’re wondering where to take a trip to Ireland, a tour has that covered. Tours have pre-designed packages to take you through the time you have planned out. With a tour, a day’s itinerary is planned out and all you have to worry about is showing up.

Most tour companies have different packages to meet varying budgets. However, tours can get fully booked. Therefore, consider booking one early so you don’t miss out.

6 Tips to Planning a Once in a Lifetime Trip to Republic of Ireland

Ringing the Shandon Bells in Cork City

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Ringing the Shandon Bells in Cork City

  1.   Find Your Accommodation Early

Accommodation can be hard to find, especially in the peak seasons. It’s crucial that you book accommodation early. When you book early, you enjoy better prices and get a hostel or hotel you’re comfortable with. It’s important that you get enough rest and unwind in style at the end of the day.

  1.   Learn a Bit of the Geography

Ireland is divided into the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland – if you read that blog you should that since I grew up in Northern Ireland. Are you looking to visit the coolest place on earth, County Donegal? Do you want to see the many Game of Thrones locations? Learning of the geography will give you a rough idea of where you need to be first so you don’t miss out on what you really want from the trip.

When you prioritize, you can be sure your trip will move on smoothly one day after the other and you’ll avoid distractions, which brings us to the next tip.

6 Tips to Planning a Once in a Lifetime Trip to Republic of Ireland

I come from Northern Ireland

  1.   Stick to One or Two Regions at a Time

There is a lot to see and do in Ireland. There are many historic and cultural sites to visit spread all over Ireland. The outdoor activities and places to visit are so many that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Therefore, it’s best to create a plan that takes you to one region at a time. This way, you’ll fully explore what each region has to offer before you move to the other.

  1.   Learn about the Local Weather

You don’t want rain to catch you off guard. It rains a lot in Ireland. Knowing the kind of weather to expect can help you pack the required gear and know what activities to undertake at what time. If, for instance, you want to go horse riding without rain, schedule the activity for the day or time of day when rain isn’t expected to enjoy it fully.  

  1.   Get Everything Else in Order

It might seem obvious but many people realize their passports have expired when they want to travel. Make sure that you keep tabs of all the travel documents you need and ensure your passport is up to date. File for travel insurance if you need it. If you have any prescriptions, fill it up and get enough for the duration you intend to stay.

With these 6 tips, you’ll truly have an amazing trip and experience in Ireland for the true marvel that it really is.

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