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6 Tips for Travelling Alone for the First Time

By Jsbdsl @jonnyblair

Traveling is certainly to be seen as an adventure. This is a way to experience new places and meet people you would otherwise never encounter. At the same time, traveling alone can bring about some anxiety. While you will be free to make your own travel decisions and see what you want to see, there are still many things that you will want to plan for. As you plan to take your first trip alone, here are a few tips to help make it successful and memorable.

6 Tips for Travelling Alone for the First Time

Lonely backpacking days on the Kettering to Bruny Island ferry in 2010

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6 Tips for Travelling Alone for the First Time

Watch What You Pack

As you begin to pack for your trip, remember that you will be alone. You must carry with you whatever you bring. Because of that, you will want to pack as light as possible. Remember that most places you go will have most of the items you need. Focus on your clothes and those few essentials that you absolutely cannot do without. Leave everything else at home.

Consider Staying at Hostels

It can be lonely at times when you are traveling. While that will provide a nice respite from your hectic life back home, it can also keep you from meeting other people along the way. A hostel is a great way to meet other travelers such as yourself. It is also a safer environment overall because you will be amongst a bunch of other people. The added benefit is that hostels tend to be one of the cheaper forms of lodging in most places.

6 Tips for Travelling Alone for the First Time

Backpacking in Belarus: My Stay At Stary Mińsk Hostel, Mińsk

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Backpacking in Belarus: My Stay At Stary Mińsk Hostel, Mińskfbt

Look For a Place With a Good Mattress

One thing you will likely miss when traveling is your comfortable mattress back home. As you travel, look to stay in places that have a nice bed where you can get a good night’s sleep. This will keep you healthy as you travel from place to place. It will also help increase your energy level so that you can enjoy each day even more.

Avoid Taking a Taxi

While the vast majority of taxi drivers around the world are great people, you might want to stay away from them when traveling alone. It is simply safer to take public transportation when at all possible. This is also a great way to meet other people and to learn the city that you are in. In addition, this is a cheaper option than taking a taxi everywhere that you go.

Make Copies of All Your Important Documents

Before you go, make copies of your passport and other important travel documents. Keep these with you at all times. You will be glad that you did, particularly if you happen to lose the originals at some point along the way.

Make Sure Friends or Family Always Know Where You Are

As you travel, keep friends and family informed of where you are. Let them know when you will be checking in. That is how they will know you are safe and sound and consider using an app. They will also know where to begin looking for you if they have not heard from you by a certain time.

Following these simple tips will help make your solo travel that much more enjoyable. It is all about being free to enjoy yourself while remaining safe at the same time. These common sense measures are designed to help you do both. If you will start a pattern now of traveling solo in a safe and conscientious manner, you will have many happy memories to look back upon as you age.

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