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6 Homemade Facial Masks to Beat Dull Winter Skin

By Rockitnapptural @Rockitnapptural
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If your skin may start to look dry and rough with patches, dry spots and flakes during the winter, it can make you feel unsure and a little uncomfortable. Boosting the nourishment and moisture in your skin care routine is one of the best ways to get rid of a dry skin.
Instead of using expensive lotions, creams and taking expensive spa trips for softer, nourished skin, you can make a few face masks at home with natural ingredients available in right in your kitchen.

These 6 DIY facial masks are very effective and safe for all skin types:

1. Facial Mask With Banana, Honey, And Baking Soda

honey for skin care
This face mask is great for people who want to moisturize and exfoliate the skin. While baking soda gives a gentle exfoliation, honey works as an excellent humectant. This means that honey can draw the moisture from the air to bring it into your skin for deep hydration. Besides, banana provides a plethora of vitamins, which can help to brighten the skin and keep it hydrated.
Ripe banana - 1/2
Baking soda - 1 tablespoon
Raw honey - 1 teaspoon
First, mash half a ripe banana. Then, mix it with raw honey and baking soda well in a bowl. Next, apply this mask to the clean face and leave it for several minutes.
Now, allow this mask to soak into the skin for 10 minutes to get the maximum hydration. Finally, rinse off the mask with clean water. Note: For added exfoliation, you should gently rub this mask when rinsing it off.

2. Moisturizing Mask With Milk And Banana

bananas for skin care
This is one of other homemade face mask recipes for dry skin that you should not ignore. The creamy mixture can aid in smoothing and soothing your dry skin instantly.
Ripe banana - 1
Unsweetened Coconut Milk - 1/4 cup
First, peel off the skin of a banana and then cut it into pieces so that you can easily mash them. Next, mash these banana pieces with a fork until the fruit is gooey and nice.
Then, slowly pour the coconut milk over the mashed banana and mix them well. Remember not to mix them too much because this will make the mask too runny.
Now, use your fingers or a brush to apply this mask to your face & neck. Remember to put on an old T-shirt or apply this mask in the bathroom so that you do not make a mess.
After that, let this mask sit on the skin for 15 minutes and then wipe it off with a towel soaked in lukewarm water or wash it off using lukewarm water. Pat your skin dry using a soft towel.
Finally, apply your regular moisturizer or rub a few ice cubes on the face & neck to tighten the skin pores.


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3. Treat Dry Skin With Apricot And Olive Oil

This is a very basic facial mask for a dry skin with apricot and olive oil, which is enough to keep your skin moisturized
Apricots - 4
Extra virgin olive oil - 1 tablespoon
At first, mash these apricots finely and then slightly warm up olive oil. Next, mix these ingredients together in a clean bowl. Make sure that you get a smooth creamy texture that can stay on the skin without running. Now, massage or spread this mask gently and equally on the skin with your fingertips; avoid the eye areas.
After that, relax and keep this mask on the skin for 15 minutes and then wash off the mask with cold and lukewarm water. Next, splash cold water on your face and pat it dry with a soft towel. Finally, apply a good moisturizer to seal the moisture in the skin.


4. Get Smooth Skin With Oatmeal, Pure Honey, And Milk

diy oatmeal facial
Honey is the key ingredient in this mask. It aids in retaining moisture and it's a good anti-irritant, which means that it is great for use on sensitive skin.
Uncooked oatmeal - half a cup
Clean water - half a cup
Coconut Milk - half a cup
Pure Raw honey - 1 tablespoon
First, add oatmeal, clean water, coconut milk, and pure honey into a small saucepan and cook them over medium heat for about 5 to 6 minutes, using a spatula or spoon to stir frequently.
Next, remove this pan from the heat and allow it to cool down. After that, apply a thick layer of honey to the clean face & neck and massage it before applying this mask.
Now, apply this mask to your face using upward strokes and then relax for about 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, remove and rinse off the mask with a soft facial washcloth and lukewarm water.


5. Banana, Almond Oil, And Yogurt For Dry Skin

yogurt for dry skin
The mask with the following sweet ingredients helps to nourish and hydrate your skin quickly. This wonderful mask works great on a dry, itchy, dull, and sensitive skin.
Mashed banana - 2 tablespoon
Almond oil - 1 tablespoon
Plain Greek yogurt - 1 tablespoon
At first, mix the mashed banana, Greek yogurt, and almond oil well to form a creamy mixture. Then, apply this mixture to the face evenly and allow it to stand on for about 7 to 10 minutes. Finally, rinse off the mask using cool water and then pat the skin dry. This mask can be also used on the arms, legs, and body.

6. Homemade Facial Mask With Avocado And Wheat Germ Oil

Avocado is rich in vitamins, such as vitamin A, B6, E, K, amino acids, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, this delicious fruit effectively hydrates and rejuvenates the dry skin. It can bring life to any skin type, fight the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines, and moisturize your face. In addition, wheat germ oil is high in vitamin E, lectin, proteins, and antioxidants, which make it effective in hydrating and softening the skin and relieving some skin conditions such as eczema, inflammations, and psoriasis.
The rich content of essential fatty acids in this oil also promotes the growth and regeneration of skin cells. Besides, the vitamin C source of lemon juice efficiently rejuvenates and adds a glow to the dull skin complexion. It can aid in fighting and preventing pimples and spots thanks to its antiseptic & antibacterial properties.
So, have a look at this recipe that is very effective in treating a dry skin to make your skin healthy, radiant, and soft.
Ripe avocado - 1/2
Wheat germ oil - 1 tablespoon
Freshly lime juice - Half a teaspoon

First, crush half an avocado into a paste and then add lime juice and wheat germ oil to it.
Next, mix all the ingredients well.
Now, apply this mask to your face and wait for 10 to 15 minutes.
Finally, rinse off the mask with lukewarm water.
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Guest Writer: Hang Pham
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