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5th Blog-Anniversary : The Musts and Benefits of Blogging

Posted on the 12 April 2015 by Ikzidna @InspiredGround

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Still on the spirit of 5th Blog-Anniversary, I thought I put aside writing about movies and more about blogging. Time to share what I know and see if it helps you. Why do people blog? And why they bother to do it regularly, even in their most exhausted days? What do I get after 5 years? But first, here are The Blogging Musts :

  • Set Your Mind : You Are Cool

Now this sounds a bit narcissistic, but it’s true. I once attended a blogging workshop, and one speaker (a well-known writer and screenplay) said that we (bloggers) must ‘believe’ we are cool person. Cool, means, attractive and interesting, and awesome. And that coolness from within will eventually ‘flow’ to your writing and attempt on making a blog. Decide your standard and idealism. This will drawn audience to you. Think of it as you come into a room of full people. You want to look approachable and be your most comfortable-cool self.

  • Decide The Blogging Topic/Area

What are the topics you’d like to talk? What are you passionate about? Or, you want to blog about anything in general? It’s up to you. Some blogs do evolve and decided at one point that they want to change their topic, it’s okay but your audience would probably go (and gain a new one).

  • Have a readable web interface & good design

Once you decided what platform you are comfortable with, you’ll choose/create design for your blog. Make sure to find an easy-to-read design. I would recommend not using too much cutesy elements like sparkle or animal-stuff to your mouse pointer, or using too many flashy texts. Don’t use a flashy/confusing pattern as background as well, because it will draw the attention more to it that your writing.

  • Writing Consistently

Whether once a week, once in two-week, or writing every 3 days, writing consistently can help you gain audience faster. I think it’s okay if you write at least every 2-3 weeks just as long your article have interesting or valid topic, or you put lots of passion in it. It’s better seeking for good quality, rather than quantity. Unless, you set your blog to be a news update site, therefore you have to write very often because there’s always news every second.

  • Keep Your Private Problems to Yourself

There are days when you want to blurt all of your emotions, and perhaps you can’t find any good friend to share it with. It’s best to don’t share your private problems in your blog, especially don’t write when you are emotional. Always write when you are calm and collected. Even if you want to discuss it, don’t share too much or too detailed up until you share real names or other specific detail. You don’t want the person you have problem with read your writing and create new problem.

  • Be Nice

Well, this points supposedly can be in the same zone as ‘polite’ or ‘proper’. Write about what you are passionate about, without being a snob (because apparently you know a lot about it) and without being arrogant. Especially to those people who bother to give comments. Always reply to their comments, otherwise you’ll make them think you’re rude.

  • Be Specific & Concentrated

Okay, you love this and that thing. But why? Why some things are great, why some aren’t? Don’t be too stingy about this. On the other hand, some articles that are too long winded aren’t good either because it will bore the audience.

  • Get Creative with Your Article

Don’t just do writing all the time. Spice it up with visuals or music or clips. Or, collaborate with other people. Do lists or your top 10 of something you love.


Now, what are the Benefits of Blogging?

1. A Space to Write & Express

The core of blogging really is just about writing, about anything. But mainly, about what you are passionate and feel inspired about. The point is to make your time worthwhile and feel happy. Now, why would people set themselves to have a space to write? Everybody needs to themselves yourself, especially when you spent your days doing work/errands or doing things you must do.

2. Learning/Expand Knowledge About Writing and Topics You Choose

Some articles require information and data, and you probably will google it or find the information to support your article. And what do you know? You gain new knowledge while writing the things you love.

3. ‘Meet’ New People, Especially People With The Same Taste

When you write about something you love, it will show through your writing and efforts you’ve done for it. It will drawn people who love what you write and have similar opinions or taste. But remember to also visit other blogs, especially people who took effort to comment on yours. The relationship can develop to actually meeting the people in person, or perhaps chat with one another via chat application (but never really done this though). You’ll expand your network and who knows these new people are your new best friends.

4. Learning About Entrepreneurship

Having a blog is similar like creating your own business, when you are serious. You put effort to write, and then spread it for people to read. You exchange links, share them with social media, or even more serious pay money to promote them. You are your own writer, editor, marketing, designer. Or you make some people to do them for you. Either way, it feels like owning your own business.

5. Earn Money

Now, many of people now do things to earn money. Many of them choose blogging, to monetize their blog. But, when you do enjoy blogging, don’t let it mess your head. Because when you are a blogger, you have your own personal thoughts and idealism. To combine it with commercial elements, it can dizzy up things. You start to only think about statistics and forget why you blog in the first place. I think it’s okay to put ads or paid links, but don’t change your subject too far or you’ll lose your audience.

There’s several ways to monetize your blog. The most popular is to put ads in sidebar/inside the article. If you are consistent and have lots of readers, eventually people will reach out for you to put their ads or commercial links. But, be careful with scams too. You can also reach out to the people who can pay you for putting their ads (never tried this, but sounds doable).


Hope it helps! Have a great weekend! Any thoughts?

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