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5 Women Health That Doctor Fail to Diagnose

Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Health_news

5 women health doctor fail to diagnose

Despite medical science progressing with leaps and bounds, there are still few diseases that are difficult to be diagnosed. Many times, doctors fail to identify them.

Some of the diseases that are seen in women but are difficult to diagnose are

Polycystic ovary syndrome

This is one of the commonest hormonal disorders seen in women who fall in reproductive age. Studies indicate one out of every ten childbearing women suffering from this problem. This disease can also lead to infertility in some serious cases. This disease occurs when the level of androgen is too high. Androgen is a male hormone and its overload causes insulin imbalance making regulation of blood sugar difficult. This disease also makes a woman fat. The ovaries get bombarded with excessive insulin resulting in too much testosterone being produced and finally developing cysts. Majority of women suffering from PCOD ends up being suffering from pre-diabetes or diabetes.


This condition is associated with a lot of pain and most of the times, doctors are not aware about the reason behind this widespread pain. Brains of women suffering from this problem may consider even ordinary sensation as a painful condition which is also referred to as central sensitivity syndrome. The symptoms of this disease start manifesting at an early adulthood and include numbness, pain and exhaustion. Physical examination is unable to identify this disease. Doctors have to conduct tender point exam and see if the pain continues for more than three months. A specialised doctor, preferable neurologist must be considered when seeking treatment of this disease.

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Many women feel extreme tiredness or fatigue which is referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome. Studies conducted in this field indicate viral infections that may have laid dormant, imbalance in hormones and stress. Many women are suffering from this problem these days. Women falling in the age bracket of 40-50 are more susceptible to this disease. This also occurs among women who are experiencing change in hormones and are menopausal. In women who suffer from this problem, physical as well as mental activity worsens with time and doesn’t get improved with rest as seen in normal cases. Muscle pain is also experienced by them.


Lupus is another disease seen among women. There are four categories of lupus which is basically malfunctioning of immune system. The body itself becomes worst enemy of the person. Every organ and system of the body takes a beating from this system. Women experience fever, fatigue, stiffness in joints, pain in joints, memory loss, chest pain and skin lesions. Symptoms deteriorate further with time and sometimes symptoms disappear miraculously.

Multiple sclerosis

This disease also targets the immune system and attacks the nerves’ protective covering in the nervous system and the brain. This covering is known as myelin. This results in communication between the body and the brain breaking down destroying nerves considerably. The chances of women being afflicted from this problem are higher than men experiencing weakness and numbness in limbs.

These are some of the health problems faced by women that are difficult to be diagnosed by women.

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