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5 Wild New Theme Park Rides Your Kids Will Love in 2013

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

5 Wild New Theme Park Rides Your Kids Will Love

As your kids begin to go into finals in the next couple of weeks, theme parks across America are gearing up for the opening of several exciting, new roller coasters. I’ve compiled a top 5 list of rides that your kids are sure to love!

5. The Gold Striker

Located at California Great America, The Gold Striker is a traditionalist coaster that stands 108′ tall and 3,197′ long. Touted as the fastest and tallest wooden coaster in Northern California, at 53.7 mph it’s sure to give you and your family an all-around good time.

4. Gatekeeper

If you go to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio this year, you would have to be blind to miss this new gem towering over the park. At 170′ tall and 4,164′ long, this ride passes by the main entrance twice giving the illusion of narrowly missing incoming park-goers. Oh, and did I mention it’s a wing coaster? For a large portion of the ride, you’ll have nothing but air under your feet!

3. Outlaw Run

It doesn’t matter if you’re into wood coasters or not. Outlaw Run in Silver Dollar City is sure to give you and your kids a thrill that you won’t soon be forgetting. It’s the first wooden coaster to feature three inversions which they achieve through a series of barrel rolls. The ride stands at 107′ tall, but the first drop is 162′ thanks to the hilly terrain. Speaking of terrain, you’re sure to get plenty of near miss scares with all of the trees that seem to obscure the track!

2. Undertow

Undertow is a unique ride in that every time you ride it, you’ll have a slightly different experience. It’s North California’s only spinning coaster. At speeds of up to 40mph and heights of up to 50′, you’ll be spinning 360° at centrifugal speeds that are solely determined by the weight and occupancy of your car. If you have a weak constitution, this one may not be for you. If not, head on to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

1. Full Throttle

If you’re a thrill seeker, Full Throttle has it all for you. You’ll be catapulted at speeds of 70mph through a world record 160′ tall loop, then rocketed underground where you’ll hit your second inversion and another of three launches. They would have to use some sort of industrial strength piping like the kind made by allied heat transfer to keep the track cool in spite of the massive heat generated by the friction. You’ll have to see this one up close to believe it!

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