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5 Ways Your Easy Paleo Pantry Can Enhance Your Skin

By Grayson Hayes @cavemandietblog
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Enhance Your Skin _Post Banner copy copy

5 Ways Your Easy Paleo Pantry Can Enhance Your Skin

I want to show you how a well-stocked Paleo pantry can help you improve your health in many ways, including your skin! You will find this information beneficial, whether you are already well-acquainted with the Paleo life style, or if you are still discovering the benefits of the world’s best known anti-inflammatory diet.

What’s in a good Paleo pantry


A Paleo pantry will primarily store non-perishables that are natural and preservative-free.  Spices, for example, are natural seasonings used for food that can also carry medicinal value.

The double whammy spices, cinnamon and ginger, are universally known to be natural pore cleansers that can be made into drinks such as hot or cold tea, as face masks, or as alternatives to washing delicate skin areas with harsh soaps.

Natural teas

Chamomile, red clover, mint leaves, cinnamon sticks, and even aloe plans are perfect for making anti-inflammatory teas that will help you improve circulation, thus preserving the capillaries and veins that carry blood to the facial area consistently pumped.  Why buy creams that activate your capillaries from the outside-in? Do it from the inside and out, by drinking the right teas!

Chamomile, mint and cinnamon are anti-inflammatories that ease and smooth your body functions, hence decompressing the stress that shows in the surface of your skin. They are antioxidants with great individual powers:

Red clover- reduces eczema

Green tea- improves circulation, is anti-aging, and protects from the sun.

Mint- soothes everything and revitalizes the skin areas where it is applied.

Chamomile- the world’s natural “Xanax” calms nerves, and even soothes beard burns! Either as a tea or as a cream, it is one of the most helpful natural remedies out there. It is said that chamomile will also make your blond hair even blonder. The benefits are uncanny!

Coconut flakes, almonds, dried fruits

Rather than reaching out for fatty, over-processed and preservative-filled snacks loaded with sugar and salt, keep the right amount of goodies always handy.

Coconut flakes, which are awesome and natural sweetners, can be added to anything. Naturally gluten-free and anti-allergenic, they can be combined with fresh fruits to enhance flavor and thus move you to eat more skin-refreshing foods such as watermelons, oranges, apples, and peaches.  Dehydrate your favorite summer fruits and take them to long walks for perfect, on-the-spot energy sources. You still get the same skin-replenishing benefits without having to go to the fridge. Mix everything together with almonds and increase crunch and texture in every bite.

Naturally- oxygenated water

Not all fizzy waters are the same. Check your labels and go for natural, sparkling water that can be a hit for making hydrating mock-tails (non-alcoholic cocktails). The important thing is to keep the water intake consistent. It will improve circulation, the flow of oxygen in the blood stream, and it helps keep blood pressure in check.

Good blood circulation means, among other things, more oxygen being carried throughout your body. Oxygen is the key everything: it heals; it keeps you alive in more ways than one. A well-hydrated and oxygenated body works at an optimal level, feels more energized, and will undoubtedly also feel younger and more vibrant.  It will look that way, too.

The Final Word

Excess sugar consumption, oils, added hormones in foods, some preservatives, and gluten-based additives can cause allergies in people. Some of these allergies manifest as skin conditions, others as digestive disturbances, others as headaches and general malaise, and others even cause weight gain that result from fluid retention.

Keep your research going, and continue to follow our Paleo information blogs so that you can put together your dream Paleo pantry; one that will make your way to wellness much easier and full of flavor.

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