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5 Ways to Tap the Power of Online Video Content

Posted on the 08 December 2015 by Jureklepic @jkcallas

It seems that consumers simply cannot get enough online video content. Online video consumption is expected to account for 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic by 2019. Consumption of video content is rising dramatically as sites like Facebook make it even easier for people to record, upload and play videos from computer, tablets and smartphones. People love video content and are beginning to expect it from the places where they want to purchase products and services.

So what does all this online video love mean for small businesses?

Simply put – if you don’t have an online video presence, you need one. And now.

Here are some simple ways to ease into the online video realm:

Provide information.

Make your target consumer base want to click on your videos by giving them a reason. Consider tutorials that implement your products, or even just fact presentations that support the need for products or services that you offer. Remember to use text along with the videos (either in them or post the script below it) to reiterate what you are saying and allow viewers the chance to comprehend what you are saying. Always end with a call to action, like a link to your website or social media accounts.

Feature yourself.

There are a lot of videos out there, and probably ones about the same topics you plan to post. So what will make your video stand out and be different from everyone else’s? You. Put yourself in front of the camera and do your own demonstrations or talking. You can also feature some of your employees or even happy customers from time to time.

Diversify your platforms.

YouTube used to be the go-to spot for online videos but today you also want to be sure you are utilizing the video options on Facebook and Twitter. You should also consider some live video streaming on Periscope or Meerkat (or both) because this provides an interactive approach. If you find a platform that you really love, use it most of the time for your videos but don’t completely neglect the other avenues.

Create both short and long form videos.

Some people believe that online videos must be short and to the point to keep a viewer’s attention, but studies are showing that the opposite is actually true. Long-form videos (5 minutes or longer) can be very effective if you are keeping them interesting, and concise. In other words, don’t just ramble on for 10 minutes. If you fill those 10 minutes with helpful information and intriguing material, viewers will keep on watching. Create short and long form online videos for the best shot at reaching all of your target consumer base with your brand messaging.

Have fun with it.

Not every small business can benefit from creating a viral cat video, but keep in mind that consumers like to smile and laugh. If there is a humorous or energetic way to present your information, do it. Get creative and it will set your videos apart from your competitors.

Remember that a complete online presence must include some video content. The tools and technology are there – so take advantage of this great opportunity to reach your small business’ audience.

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