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5 Ways to Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Find Love

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

5 Ways to Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Find Love


Your comfort zone is a great place to be, when you are not looking to find love, but if you are looking for that perfect someone in your life then you need to step out of your comfort zone.


Your comfort zone keeps you attached to your everyday routine. It is what you have grown accustomed to. It allows you to go about life in the same way every day without anxiety, nervousness, or facing fears. You go to familiar places, you talk to familiar people, you sit on the internet doing the same old things, but you do not really take a chance if you are not sure of the outcome.


When you are trying to find love your comfort zone can be your worst enemy! It holds you back from doing things that may actually help you find love. That is why you have to step out of your comfort zone and start taking risks and chances. Here are 5 things you can do to really push the borders of your comfort zone.


1. Go to New Places

Love may be waiting for you where you least expect it. Your perfect partner may be hanging out at the local coffee shop that you never go to because it looks too intimidating. They may be part of a group that you are interested in but would never attend. They may just be at that party you are invited to but don’t want to have to socialize at. Get out of your comfort zone and start going into new places and attending new events because the person you have been looking for just may be there.


2. Join Dating Sites and Groups – And Participate

Online and offline dating places can be very intimidating. You are essentially putting yourself out there and telling the world that you have not found love yet and that you are looking. That is way outside of most people’s comfort zones.

Another intimidating trait that dating sites and groups have is that you have to interact with people. You can’t just post a picture online or show up to an event and expect something to happen. You have to actually talk to people and make contact. This kind of behavior is also outside of most people’s comfort zones.

The way to push through the fear is to remember that everyone who is part of these sites, or who is at this function is there for the same reason, and they are all pushing themselves to step out of their comfort zones as well! This is the perfect place to find love because everyone is looking for it, and everyone is worried about their own nervousness and less likely to see how nervous you are.


3. Pursue Hobbies and Interests

It is easy to sit at home and do the same old routine, but if you want to find love you should get out and join clubs or groups that do things you are interested in. Love is more likely to find you at a place that interests you than a place that you ‘have’ to go to. In other words, if you are interested in reading then a reading group will have other people interested in reading, whereas a supermarket may not. Common interests are what usually bind people together initially, so get out there and participate in things you are interested in!


4. Become a ‘Yes’ Person

Saying ‘no’ all the time can limit your life experiences, and it can also cause you to miss an opportunity to find love. We normally say no to things when they are outside of our comfort zone.


5. Take an Intuitive Chance

Every get a feeling that the person sitting across from you could possibly be a perfect match for you? Maybe you notice that they are reading your favorite book. Maybe you notice that they are wearing your favorite color. Or maybe they just have kind eyes and a welcoming smile and you would like to get to know more about them. If you have an intuitive feeling that you want to get to know them then act on it right then and there!


Oh sure, you might get rejected, and rejection is not fun. Everyone fears rejection. But pushing past that fear is worth it, especially when we are trying to find love. Finding out whether that person was meant for you or whether they just happened to pick your favorite book up from a bench they were sitting on allows you to move on with no regrets. And a life with no regrets is a life worth living!


This post was written by Bellaisa, who writes at the Relationship Circle – a website with relationship advice for men and women on all relationship issues, including how to find love.

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