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5 Ways Of Helping Your Teenage Daughter Overcome Body Image Issues

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam
5 Ways Of Helping Your Teenage Daughter Overcome Body Image Issues

Every mom can likely go back in time to when she was just a teenager fretting over her weight and body. Stuck at a stage where your body is changing, but likely not how you want it to, many girls go through a phase where she's unsure of herself and how her body is developing. Some feel too thin or too fat while others stress over not having developed breasts, thighs, or curves. Every girl wishing to be the center of attention, but falling short in her eyes.

If you can relate to your daughter than you know exactly what she's going through. Unfortunately, now things are heightened by the media and social outlets. If you've noticed your teenage daughter has been obsessing over her body, it is imperative to step in and show her how to love herself, before things get out of hand. Below are some tips:

Talk to Her About Developmental Changes

Although she may have had lessons in health class, it is important for you to teach your daughter about puberty and how it affects her body. Things like weight gain, uneven breasts, pimples, thinning hair, and other changes are common and will eventually balance out. You might even consider sharing your childhood stories with her to make her feel better.

Be a Good Role Model

You can't very well expect your teen to feel good about how she looks if you're constantly picking yourself apart. This may be challenging for some moms (as we all have things we'd love to change), but you'll need to start embracing yourself positively more. Don't be afraid to strut your stuff in front of a mirror, throw on clothes to compliment your figure, and smile. Your daughter will see this.

Show Her How to Compliment Her Changing Body

It's important to find clothes that fit your daughter so that she can feel comfortable with her appearance. Whether your daughter feels like she's too thin or too big, you have to show her how to love her body at every stage. You can shop clothing online and browse through their new products or check out their sale items for a discount on plus size clothing. Regardless of where you find the clothing, make sure it's something that your daughter feels comfortable in. When she feels good about what she has on, it will start to reflect inwardly.

Mind Her Screen Time

Unfortunately, the internet can be cruel - especially to growing teenagers. As the media paints the picture that there is only one form of beauty, many teens begin to feel like they're not good enough. Not to mention, high schoolers are known for teasing and bullying online. Unlike when you were a kid and the teasing went no further than the schoolyard, one horrible comment on social media can follow your child for years and ruin their self-esteem. Be mindful of how much internet time she has and also be aware of what she's exposed to and what her friends are talking about.

Encourage Healthy Living

If your teen is struggling with health issues or weight issues, don't isolate the teen and make them eat salads while the rest of you enjoy a regular meal. Instead, encourage the entire family to eat healthier. Not only will eating healthy help with weight management, but it can improve her mood, therefore, improving the way she feels about her body.

It's not easy raising teenage girls today. As they struggle to find their own identities there will be peaks and valleys. As their mother, however, it is your job to instill in her morals and values that will far outlast anything she hears in school, reads on the internet, or sees on television. By showing her how beautiful she is at any stage in her life, she'll keep these lessons with her and learn to embrace the beauty inside and out. If your teen is struggling with bullying, an eating disorder, or has become depressed as a result of her body image, getting her help from a therapist is highly recommended.

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