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5 Things You Won’t Think You’ll Miss When Your Kids Are Grown (but Will!)

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

They are a pain and exhausting chores that seem as though life would be so much easier without. You hurry through this list of things to do day rolling your eyes, huffing and puffing all along the way. They are the top five things that you will no doubt miss when your kids are grown up.


1- Bathtime – Messy, wet and exhausting, bathtime can seem like the most back breaking chore on the planet as you lean over the tub to try and wash your wiggly one. Believe it or not, you will long for the day when you were able to wash your little one and hold them in a towel as they snuggle up to you for warmth.


2- Bedtime – Books and prayers, singing songs and telling stories. Then comes the crying and begging for just one more story, an endless cycle, but one day, they won’t even want you to come in their room (and it will brek your heart!)


3- Cartoons – Ok, so what could be more annoying than watching and listening to cartoons ALL day long? With no peace and quiet, believe it or not, there will come a time when peace and quiet takes you back to the days of humming cartoon intros with your kids and wishing you could do it again.


4- Shopping – Ugh. The begging and crying and screaming as you rush up and downt he aisles, you think to yourself “one day, I will shop in peace!”. But when that day comes, you feel empty and actually miss those little hopeful faces staring up at you.


5- Eating out- Ha! No way I will miss the madness of eating out with my living tornados! But you will. Dinner will seem lonely and you and your spouse will end up up telling stories and reliving crazy dinners of days old, wondering where the time went.


So enjoy your crazy time with your kids while it lasts, it goes by in a flash!


About the author:

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