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5 Things You Do That Makes You Look Like An Amateur Blogger

Posted on the 06 June 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

God!!! Making our blog look as perfect as possible is what all bloggers are doing everyday behind the blog post scene, do you know that? And to speak the truth, blogging is so darn technical, hard but fun, believe it or not.


A true blogger always work and work to make sure his/ her site is well presented and looks responsive in the eyes of the readers. Getting the perfect hosting company to host your blog, searching and finding the right theme, infusing that perfect logo, adding the best plugin and codes to make your blog just the way it is. Making your blog simple is good, doing things other bloggers are not doing is even more awesome but making other bloggers see you as a beginner is not cool bro


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Throughout my blogging years, I have visited a lot of blogs, (static html) websites and forums that are just so unimaginable

. You might not know, but doing some little mistakes can cause harm to your blog then good. Even if you don’t agree with me, the fact is still the fact.

5 Things You Do That Makes You Look Like An Amateur Blogger

I know that we are humans and making mistakes is in our nature but there are some mistakes we just don’t make, don’t you think? below are some little mistakes you do that makes you look like an amateur…

Showing your alexa rank:

When I joined the blogging world new, I was told that before any investors will do business with your blog you must have a good alexa rank. Aside all that, your alexa rank shows how demanding (popular) your blog is. Tell me, if your alexa is 3 million why bother pasting a banner on your blog showing people that your site is 3million? Seriously, if I visit your site and see your alexa rank badge on your sidebar telling me you are 3million in the world, I’ll just read your post (because it’s lovely) and never make a comment to show my appreciation because your site is just so poor. Well many might be against my theory but dropping your blog link with low ranking websites/ blogs affect your SEO, take it or leave it.


Seriously, I want to comment on your blog and I know many people want to do too, but try to remove that alexa sticker and wait for the right time to put it, if you want to put an alexa sticker (banner) on your blog, try adding the “ review my blog” banner instead to help boost your alexa rank.

Unstable blog:

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I have visited your blog for like 5 consecutive times and each time I visit, your server is always down. Even when your blog server is back on, you still have a slow blog or a blog that does not load properly. Gosh! I hate visiting blogs like that, don’t you? If your blog is running slow and your server always has downtime, I’ll take you as an amateur and probably never visit your site again.

Your silly excuse for always having downtime might be; I don’t have money for a better host. Your blog is your business center so stop playing with it.

I mean every blog you know do have a downtime problem sometimes but not frequent or always like the one you are having.


I know nothing in this world is perfect but there are some things you just don’t do and call it a mistake, right? My brother my sister, it is time to ditch that hosting provider and move on to a better one. Stop looking at your blog like its nothing and start treating your blog like it’s something.

If you always have a slow blog try to fix it and if you can’t fix it, ask a friend to or hire a profession to get the job done before you’ll lose even more of your visitors.

Don’t play with code:

I’ll say that this one is common amongst bloggers who are none-techie. They want to explore their database, they want to work with their theme files, they just want to be technical and don’t care to know how to.

I have been to so many blog that has some big issues with their coding(s), especially those ones using Google adsense on their blog. Some bloggers do complain that they have been ban by the adsense team, but do you know why you got ban? The simple reason is, you did not implement your script properly.  There are just a lot to talk about my friend.

Do not play with something you can’t control because they might cause you even more harm than you think.


If you don’t know how to play with codes, find someone to guide you through. So they can be there to help when problem arise. And if you don’t see anybody that can put you through, hire a professional to do it for you. Don’t keep unnecessary side widget that may look unprofessional.

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Where I’m from (Nigeria), we have so many tribes and languages that most uneducated people don’t know how to write or speak English (properly). Yes! That’s true…

Seriously, I did not grow up speaking English but I did grow up writing it

. My point is, even if English is not my native language, I still try to write the way you will understand me even if my English is not 100% perfect.

If you can’t write proper English, then don’t create an English blog. Why? Because you will only show the world that you’re an amateur. Your visitors will leave your blog without ever reading it and that’s a pure fact.


Even if you don’t know how to speak proper English, go and learn how to write and make proper sentence. Or better still, write your blog in your own language and focus it to your people (country), doing this, you will achieve what any blogger would achieve.


We are all learners and we are still striving to know more. Your limit ends when you stop dreaming so make goal achievable by doing above your limit. Make mistake but don’t make those silly ones


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