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5 Things You Can Do To Add More Vegan Foods Into Your Life

By Djridings @fivethingsnow
Jon Camp is Director of Outreach for Vegan Outreach, an American-based non-profit working to reduce animal suffering through the promotion of a vegan diet. A proponent of college outreach, Jon has been to over 500 schools throughout North America distributing Vegan Outreach materials and giving talks.

5 Things You Can Do To Add More Vegan Foods Into Your Life

1.  Explore new options. Invoking author Erik Marcus, we should “crowd out” our diet with new vegan foods and not just cut out the non-vegan foods we’re used to.  When we have lots of new options to choose from, we won’t feel as though we’re missing something.

2. Explore more international foods. Vegan options abound at Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Indian, Vietnamese, and even Ethiopian restaurants.

3. Pledge to go vegan one day a week. It can often seem daunting to go “cold turkey,” or, as we vegans say, “cold Tofurkey.” So why not just try one day a week and see how that goes? If it goes well, try two days a week, and so on.

4. For North American readers, request a free starter guide with recipes, meal suggestions, and nutritional information here. And for those living elsewhere, check out the information online.

5. Try some delicious mock meats. You’ll now find every meat alternative imaginable in mainstream grocery stores. Put some Field Roast grain-based Italian sausages in your pasta, or heat up some Gardein soy-based Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers. These products taste so much like “the real thing,” that you’ll find yourself double-checking the package to make sure that you really bought a vegan product!

Bon appetit!

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