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5 Things Strong Families Make Time to Do Every Day #life #families #lifestyle

By Djridings @fivethingsnow
5 things strong families make time to do every day #life #families #lifestyle


The perfect family is a myth. In fact, every family experiences stress -provoking changes time and time again. But, some families are better able to cope with tough times-science defines these as "strong families."

Several studies have found that strong families share similar characteristics. Here are five things strong families make time for every day.

Families that spend time together are more likely to build stronger ties than those that don't. However, that time doesn't count if it's spent sitting passively together in front of a screen. It also doesn't count if it's spent arguing. In other words, quality trumps quantity.

Reaching an ideal work-life balance is often a challenge for many parents. However, installing simple family routines can ensure that you get to hang out as a family even when you're busy parents. Simple everyday activities such as playing games together, taking walks together, sharing meals, sharing household chores, watching a movie together, etc. help strengthen family bonds. There is that having everyday or regular routines provide family members with roots and help families overcome moments of stress.

What you can do:
  • Little pieces of time matter, too. Take advantage of the moments spent in the car or in traffic to talk to your kids about your day and ask them about theirs.
  • Create your own family rituals.
  • Schedule "hang out time" in your to-do list.

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