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5 Steps to a Successful Social Media Or Transmedia Marketing Or Advocacy Campaign

Posted on the 08 March 2011 by Drpamelarutledge @pamelarutledge

An effective transmedia campaign is not about what media platforms, special effects, or tools you use. It’s about a coherent and meaningful story that unfolds across the media. Here are five points drawn from A Think Lab’s StoryOpeningsTM to start you thinking about the core of your campaign.

  1. Find your story. What is the essence of your goal? What are you trying to say to the world? Who are you saying it to? What’s the question?
  2. Stories consist of characters with goals– the protagonist we identify with and the antagonist that provides challenges. Who or what plays these roles in your story?
  3. Stories have a three-part structure. This consists of a beginning where characters are introduced and goals are expressed, challenges and conflicts that get in the way of the goals, and resolution where goals are achieved. How do you lay out the structure of your story for your audience?
  4. Today’s audiences expect to participate and collaborate. What are the entry points for your audience? Can you let go of the control of your campaign so that your audience can help further the story?
  5. What’s the meaning or the mystery in your story? What is in it for the audience? What do they take away from it? How are the participant’s lives enhanced by being a part of your story?

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