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5 Reasons To Get A Wedding Videographer To Shoot Your Big Day

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It may be tempting to do your own wedding filming, but don’t underestimate what the professionals can achieve, particularly in the era of digital video. Here, we explore 5 reasons why you should hire a professional for your big day.

1.   The professionals know the secret techniques


Professional videographers have years of experience in shooting weddings of all shapes and sizes in various venues. They understand the challenges that can often arise in filming large gatherings and, often through previous trial and error, are quickly able to find solutions when things don’t necessarily go to plan. For example, unexpected rain may seem like a disaster for an outdoor reception, but if your videographer was smart enough to bring a waterproof case, all is not lost.


2.   Filming an entire wedding reception takes tremendous skills


Being a wedding videographer is all about long term planning and managing people. Often, clients will have specific requests about what to film, where and when, and it is up to the videographer to ensure these demands are met and that the client is satisfied with the finished result.


3.   Professionals have the skills and the technology to edit your videos into perfectly crafted films


Imagine hiring a friend or relative with little or no experience of filming to be a videographer for your wedding. Even if you were able to hire a professional video camera for the big day, you would still need to understand how to use it and how to process the video and edit it into a film.

Remember, the professionals already have an idea of what the finished product looks like in their mind. They will recognize opportunities that you may not see and will have plenty of well-thought out ideas on how to compose your film so that only the most relevant, interesting parts are included, such as the exchange of vows, cutting of the cake, reception speech, embarrassing dads dancing, etc.


4.   Videographers have the time to plan well ahead


A videographer’s fees not only cover the filming of the event, but also the planning stages such as the time taken to visit the venue beforehand and meet with the clients to exchange ideas. Videographers often like to take time to get to know their clients and what kind of wedding film they are looking for. For example, it is important to find out what sort of music the client wishes to accompany their film, as well as any other special requirements that may need to be planned in advance.


5.   They also have the equipment to deliver the best results


Top of the range video cameras can often cost thousands of pounds but are designed for experienced professionals who need advanced features such as 120x zoom power, powerful 3MOS sensors and digital stills of 10 or more megapixels. These features enable videographers to create outstanding film quality that will stand the test of time and will still look impressive for decades to come.

Often, videographers and photographers will bring ‘insurance’ equipment, which may have been purchased already or hired specifically for the event. In the worst-case scenario, this will protect them if their main camera suddenly becomes damaged or stops working for whatever reason.

Remember – videos take you one step further than photographs

While photographs provide an important visual reminder of your special day, films allow you to relive all the other aspects of your wedding such as heart-felt speeches from close relatives and friends, your wedding song and the exchange of vows. Being able to hear children laugh, people singing and guests expressing their kind words and congratulations to you will help to relive the experience and treasure those memories for the rest of your life.

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Jennifer Fage is the co-founder of Unique Visuals who have a passion for creating cinematic wedding videos, to ensure that you will always remember your special day.

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5 Reasons To Get A Wedding Videographer To Shoot Your Big Day
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5 Reasons To Get A Wedding Videographer To Shoot Your Big Day
5 Reasons To Get A Wedding Videographer To Shoot Your Big Day
5 Reasons To Get A Wedding Videographer To Shoot Your Big Day
5 Reasons To Get A Wedding Videographer To Shoot Your Big Day
5 Reasons To Get A Wedding Videographer To Shoot Your Big Day

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