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5 Reasons to Always Take the Stairs for Overall Health

By Dr.jenifer Sayyed @SayyedJenifer

We all know and have always been advised by our mentors to take stairs instead of elevator as it is good for our overall health.

But how often do you follow this?

I always take the stairs whenever I get the opportunity. Be it metro, malls, or my home. Before I use to live on the 2nd floor and it didn’t have a lift. So by default climbing the stairs was required.

Now it’s been more than 6 months I have shifted to a new place and I live on the 6th floor. Here elevator is provided, however, I don’t use it.

Actually, I don’t remember when was the last time I had used the lift. I follow this small exercise because I cannot follow the diet. Hence climbing stairs is a better alternative for me.

I climb 6 floors, yes, and take stairs every day. I take a rest of 2 mins on every 2nd floor I reach and then resume again. It is now a part of my workout routine without any investment. This small change helps us to remain healthy and make our bodies strong.

Any activity you do for the first time will make you feel exhausted and you will have muscular pain for a day or two. However, once you are regular, such pain won’t happen.

5 Reasons to Always Take the Stairs for Overall Health

Also, there are many reasons to always take the stairs and avoid a lift. Here are some:

1)  Climbing Stairs is good for Heart

When you climb a few steps or floor, you feel out of breath because it gets your heart pumping. This improves cardiovascular fitness and protects you against high blood pressure.

2)  Climbing Stairs improves muscles strength

We need all our body parts to climb the stairs. We use muscles in our legs, arms, abs, and back which helps in maintaining our musculoskeletal health and increase flexibility.

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3)  Climbing Stairs Burns more calories than Jogging.

According to the studies, climbing stairs is considered vigorous physical activity which burns more calories than jogging. You burn 5-7 calories a minute, so along with your daily exercise routine, if you take stairs you burn few more calories.

Also, jogging seems difficult to me because I get drained soon. Therefore climbing stairs is a good option.

4)  Climbing Stairs Can Relieve Stress

If you don’t know yet, then let me inform you that exercise releases endorphin, which helps in lowering your stress and makes you feel better.

Try doing it next time whenever you feel stressed and feel the difference.

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5)  Climbing Stairs Combats Sedentary Lifestyle

Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle due to a hectic schedule. In fact due to work from home, many have become more lethargic towards their health which is reflected in their weighing machine.

No matter how many excuses you come up with, but at least you should give some time for exercise, and climbing stairs is the easiest and quick way to improve your physical fitness.

Take the stairs whenever it is possible. Take a 10 min break and go down & breathe fresh air. Going for groceries? Take that steps. Doing this itself will help a lot and add physical movement to your everyday life.

I hope these reasons were enough to make you realize the importance of taking a stair instead of a lift. The next time you see an elevator, you know what to do, right?



*Disclaimer: The content in this post is purely meant for educational purposes only. Featured image: Pixabay

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