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5 of the Best Soap Recipes You Can Make at Home

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

As the DIY movement has grown, so has the appeal of homemade soap. More and more people are discovering the benefits of making soap at home. Much like cooking, it allows people to express themselves and show off their creative and artistic abilities. It allows for customization, making unique types of soaps that appeal to an individual’s specific tastes, or tailored to meet specific skin needs. Here are five of the best homemade soap recipes from around the web.

DISCLAIMER: Soap-making requires the use of lye, which is a corrosive chemical and must be handled safely. If this is your first time making soap be sure to inform yourself on all the necessary precautions. We are not responsible for misuse, misunderstanding, or injury resulting from instructions listed or linked to on this website. It is each person’s responsibility to inform themselves of proper soap-making procedures, and to observe all appropriate safety precautions to prevent accidents and/or injury.

5 of the Best Soap Recipes You Can Make at Home

Shaving Soap Recipe

(5% Super-fat, measurements are weight measurements, not liquid measurements)

Distilled Water = 20 ounces
Lye = 7.269 ounces (206 grams)
Olive Oil = 23.9 ounces (45% of total oils)
Cocunut Oil = 10.6 ounces (20% of total oils)
Castor Oil = 10.6 ounces (20% of total oils)
Palm Oil, RBD = 4.2 ounces (8% of total oils)
Almond Oil, Sweet = 3.7 ounces (7% of total oils)
Bentonite Clay = 3 tablespoons
Calloidal Oatmeal = 4 tablespoons

Step-by-step instructions for shaving soap recipe

Chai Latte Bar Recipe

(be sure to use exact measurements)

Palm Oil = 90 grams
Coconut Oil = 90 grams
Olive Oil = 90 grams
Cocoa Butter = 30 grams
Castor Oil = 30 grams
Lye = 46 grams
Water = 100 grams

Step-by-step instructions for Chai Latte Bar

Mango Butter Lotion Bar Recipe

(All measurements are in weight ounces)

Beeswax = 27 ounces (33.75% of total oils)
Mango Butter (refined) = 27 ounces (33.75% of total oils)
Apricot Kernel Oil = 15 ounces (18.75% of total oils)
Coconut Oil = 10 ounces (12.5% of total oils)
Jojoba Oil = (golden) = 1 ounce (1.25% of total oils)
Rosemary Oleoresin = 3 grams (.106 ounces)
Lavender (Premium) Essential Oil = 30 grams (1.058 Ounces)
Cedar Wood Essential Oil = 15 grams (.529 ounces)

Step-by-step instructions for Mango Butter Lotion Bar

Lemon Poppy Seed Bar

Coconut Oil = 9.9 oz.
Olive Oil = 9.9 oz.
Palm Oil = 9.9 oz.
Rice Bran Oil = 3.3 oz.
Sodium hydroxide = 4.6 oz.
Distilled Water = 10.8 oz.
Titanium Dioxide
Fizzy Lemonade Colorant
Luster Black Mica
Poppy Seeds = 1 tbsp.
Lemon Verbena Yankee Type Fragrance Oil = .5 oz.
Champagne Fragrance Oil = 1 oz.
optional – sodium lactate

Step-by-step instructions for Lemon Poppy Seed Bar

Creamy Cow Milk Bar

Sweet Almond Oil = 3.5 oz.
Coconut Oil = 8.8 oz.
Olive Oil = 10.5 oz.
Palm Oil = 8.7 oz.
Shea Butter = 3.5 oz.
Sodium Hydroxide Lye = 4.9 oz.
Whole Milk = 11.6 oz.
Vanilla Rosewood Fragrance Oil = 1 oz.
Grass Stain Fragrance Oil = 1 oz
Titanium Dioxide Pigmen
Activated Charcoal

Step-by-step instructions for Creamy Cow Milk Bar

Making soap at home is a wonderful way to express your creativity and make something you can use. These recipes should get those creative juices flowing and inspire to create unique bars nobody has ever seen before. Don’t be intimidated if this is your first time. Just be sure to educate yourself fully on all the appropriate safety precautions.

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Here are some useful tools for soap-making:

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