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5 of the Best Lakes to Visit in the US

By Swimsuitsdirect @Swimsuitsdirect

Can’t get to the ocean? No problem. These five lakes will make you feel like you’re relaxing oceanside on your next great vacation.

1. Lake Havasu

This majestic lake sits nearby the Colorado River in Arizona and is aptly called “The Personal Watercraft Capital of the World.” The many tourists enjoy not just the warm weather, but also swimming, boating, Jet skiing, waterskiing and wakeboarding. Lake Havasu City also has tourist activities, like hot air balloon rides and golf, making it a great travel destination.

2. Tenaya Lake

The east beach on this Yosemite lake in California lets visitors feel like they’re in a wonderfully secluded private getaway. The beach has enough sun worshippers that you’ll have plenty of company, but not so much that it will feel overcrowded. Yosemite itself makes a great vacation spot, and the view from the beach is just as breathtaking as the national park itself.

3. Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is so large that it touches four states: Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Unsurprisingly, it has tons of beaches to choose from and more tourist activities than a person could count. Its size and reputation definitely make it one of the best lakes to visit in the U.S.

4. Lake Tahoe

This completely freshwater lake straddles California and Nevada and is extremely clear. The City of Lake Tahoe is a major tourist destination in and of itself, with a quaint but active downtown, tons of hiking activities, and handful of casinos. It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit Lake Tahoe; there’s always tons to do, including major skiing in winter.

5. Lake Norman

Like Lake Havasu, Lake Norman in North Carolina is a great spot for water sports. You can also take a chartered cruise and see some of the 500 miles of shoreline. People also enjoy fishing, biking along the pathways, and even paddle boarding. No matter what you end up doing, this flirty bikini is perfect for your Lake Norman vacation.

Taking a weekend away at the lake with your family or friends is a great way to unwind this season!

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By Ron Morse
posted on 04 January at 22:59

We spent ten years living on Lake Norman, it is nothing like being at the ocean! The water is filthy and often has pollution issues. There is no public access for swimming, you have to live on the water in order to enjoy that amenity. There are only two waterfront restaurants on the entire lake (Rusty Rudder and Blue Parrot). There are only 2 or 3 months that the water activities are executable, the other nine are either rainy or too cold. We are back on the ocean in Florida and very happy about it!