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5 Incredible Technological Advancements Changing the Lives of Soldiers

Posted on the 03 May 2016 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

Below are five amazing technological improvements that are changing the lives of soldiers today and what they might mean for the future.

RAM Block 2

Five Technological Improvements Changing the Lives of Soldiers 1

Military technology isn’t only about crafting weapons for offensive purposes. It’s also about defense. This is certainly the case with all the technology being developed to take down incoming enemy missiles before they hit their targets.

The RAM Block 2, RAM standing for Rolling Airframe Missile, is currently being deployed on US warships. This device launches missiles that can change course in mid-air to destroy incoming enemy missiles before they come close to hitting the ship.

This means that in future we can defend and see what threats are coming, long before they get close. It’s amazing technology that can save tons of lives at home and overseas.

Airstrike App


One thing soldiers have to do on the ground is call in airstrikes. Without that ability, many of our day to day soldiers would have lost their lives to encroaching enemy forces. Now, however, calling in an airstrike is easier than ever.

The military has designed a smart phone app that can allow a soldier to quickly call in an airstrike on a specific position. Phones are coming in handy not just for busy professionals, moms, and teens. More and more uses are being found for smartphone technology on the battlefield.

The military today is still coming up with new ways to use smartphone and app technology in some of their most refined weapons and defense systems.



As you probably know from the recent war on terror, drones have become an increasingly important part of our military strategy. Drone technology is also improving at a rapid pace.

A couple years ago, tiny drones that only weigh 15 grams and can covertly record enemy positions were introduced to the battlefield. Now drones of all shapes and sizes are important in the war. Their technology is becoming even more sophisticated and advanced as well.

New Improved Machetes

Five Technological Improvements Changing the Lives of Soldiers 4

If you have a master’s degree in military history, you probably know how important clearing brush in environments like the jungles of Vietnam was for soldiers.

The military has recently developed a new design for the machete to make that easier. One side chops vines while the other saws branches. It’s become a more versatile tool and can be used for a lot more purposes. Even simple army pocket knives have been given upgrades and are used in many different situations.

More Advanced Night Vision

Five Technological Improvements Changing the Lives of Soldiers 5

Being able to see clearly in the dark is integral to the success of many modern missions. Night vision goggles have allowed soldiers to see clearly through the darkness, and now that ability has been improved even more.

The newly introduced goggles have far superior thermal detection and are designed to be linked to the sight of a gun to allow soldiers to see the impact point of shots fired from any position. This technology is keeping soldiers safe and improving the outcomes of missions everywhere.

Military technology is constantly advancing and improving. As it does, the lives of soldiers will be better protected so they can more successfully complete their missions and be protected and defended against wherever they are.

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