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5 Fun Places to Go With Your Dog on the Weekend

By Alison_wood @midnight_eden

5 Fun Places to Go With Your Dog on the WeekendThe sad truth about man’s best friend is that he usually spends a lot of time without his master around. It’s not your fault, really – you have to work and most offices aren’t too keen to let your puppy pal run around distracting other workers and making messes. But that means that your dog ends up home alone for much of the day. So when the weekend comes, you don’t want it to be more of the same. Pets are a big responsibility and if you’re not willing to treat them well then you don’t deserve to have them. So if you’re looking for ways to make the time you spend together the best it can be, here are just a few fun activities that will allow you to bring Fido along for the ride this weekend.

1.   Dog park. While you can certainly take your pooch to any nearby park, you might have to keep him on a leash, which isn’t bound to be much fun for either of you. Instead, grab a ball and head to the dog park. These fenced-in greenbelts are great for letting your pet stretch his legs, get some playtime, and cavort with other canines. And you can get some socialization, too, by talking to other dog-owners. You already have a built-in conversation piece!

2.   Hiking. Dogs large and small have energy to expend, and while those with longer legs will almost certainly go a greater distance, having a small dog doesn’t have to stop you from undertaking activities you love like hiking. Look for trails in your area that are not only pet-friendly, but that will allow you to take your dog off his leash. Then head into the hills to spend some time reconnecting with nature and with your pet. And if you often tire before your pet, try taking out your mountain bike so you can keep up.

3.   Camping. Is there any better way to escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life for a couple of days than by leaving the cell phone at home and heading off the grid for a short camping trip? The best part of this scenario is that you can take your best friend along for the ride. He’ll get the coveted alone time with his owner that he craves (plus the chance to chase all manner of woodland creatures) and you can find a minute to breathe and remember why having a pet in your life is so fantastic.

4.   Beach. Have you ever seen a dog hit the sand and surf? His whole demeanor speaks of pure joy, from his bounding steps to his wildly wagging tale. You should seek out a beach that allows pets and be sure to bring plastic bags to pick up after your pal (keep it clean for other visitors). But don’t hesitate to snag a Frisbee and treat your dog to this one-of-a-kind experience that nearly every canine loves.

5.   Yard sales. You’ll probably want to keep your pet on a leash for this activity (even if you’re frequenting Portland or Colorado Springs Garage Sales). But why not bring your pal along to help you sniff out some great deals? Considering that the alternative is leaving him home yet again, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t bring him along for some bargain-hunting fun.

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