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4 Characteristics of Trustworthy AV Leasing Companies

Posted on the 13 September 2018 by Harper Wales

Nowadays everyone is out to make a quick buck, regardless of if they fulfill, satisfy a customer or not. This is a common flaw in which most AV companies share. However, in this post, we will be discussing some of the most vital and relevant characteristics that will ensure trustworthiness.


A company’s reputation is an indirect definition of what they are and how they conduct business with clients and other agencies. By reviewing some of the company reviews from the clients in which have left their feedbacks, you can learn to make a wiser decision in selecting the AV company that would serve you well in your event needs. However, from a business point of view, the slightest mistake can make the client or customer go the opposite direction, therefore, you shouldn’t consider all reviews as bad reviews, instead, consider them as mistakes in which any company can possibly make and you should consider addition consultation by that company. Speak with the team members of the AV company and see if they understand your idea and the concepts in which you would like to bring to actuality at the event show.

AV rental company

Financial Overview

Just because an AV company offers its event equipment for a very cheap and affordable price, doesn’t mean that their services are A-1. Although it is a good sign to review and compare the low price offers and quotations that the AV companies will offer you, don’t fall for the attractive-promotional-sales pitch! Each event package should be reviewed in depth and you should also consider the possibilities of the company offering any coverage plans on the equipment that they provide, in case of any damage is done. Make sure an understanding is established for the responsibility of the damaged equipment. In most cases, the AV company has most of their equipment is covered and protected under an insurance policy. Please note that these insurance policies vary from item to item.


The level of experience is one of the most important factors in which you should consider when searching for an AV company. Apart from the glamor that they display in big advertising campaigns, you should determine whether or not if the AV company has the expertise in services that you require specifically. One of the best methods you can conduct on your own to determine whether or not if the AV company has the experience or not, is to review the company’s portfolio. The companies portfolio should give you an idea of the company’s strengths and weaknesses and whether or not if they are suitable for the project that you require to be executed.


Exceptional Customer Support

If you ever had a bad experience in dealing with a company, then you know what it feels like to be neglected and not cared for. If you are looking for an AV company, make sure that the company cares about your project as much as you do. Some of the best signs that shows the mere interest of the company is if that the person whom you are discussing the specifications with, probes and questions your event in specific details. When someone asks specifications with precise details, it usually tells that they are focusing on your concerns and are determined to provide you the best solution that they can offer.

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