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36% Of All US Banks Have Purchased a .Bank Domain Name

Posted on the 23 October 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

fTLD Registry the operator for .Bank announced today that 36% of U.S. banks have purchased a .BANK domain name and many are planning as using them for their online banking operations making .Bank the first break out success of the new gTLD program from an end user perceptive.

“Since May 2015, 2,465 banks have purchased one or more .BANK domain names— signaling their commitment to providing a trusted, verified and more secure location online for their banking services.”

“In the United States there are approximately 6,800 banks.

Back in July we told you that more than 5,500 domain names were registered about $1K per, depending on the registrars.

Only verified members of the global banking community can register a .BANK domain name.

fTLD Registry’s recently released (see below) paints a picture of what has been happening behind the scenes during the past six months to provide a trusted and more secure location on the Internet for banks and consumers.

Of the 4,907 domain names registered by banks in the U.S. (banks can register more than one domain name), five states lead the pack: Texas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Globally, .BANK is making a mark as well

Outside of the U.S., 441 .BANK domain names have been registered.

Here is an infographic by the fTLD Registry:


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