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35 Best Flirty Things to Say to a Girl to Know If She Likes You Back

Posted on the 13 October 2018 by Naijapary
If you aren't sure the object of your desire returns the feelings, try these flirty things to say to a girl and see what her reply is to stop or keep going.

There is a supreme difference between being creepy and flirty. Unfortunately, guys don't always recognize the difference and either come on too strong or say things out of nervousness that comes across the wrong way. If you want to know some good flirty things to say to a girl, there is only one piece of advice to give- keep it simple, stupid.

Try one of these 35 flirty things to say to a girl to test the waters
Flirting isn't always sexual. Sometimes it just involves giving her a compliment and making her feel good about herself. It depends on what type of relationship you already have, what your comfort level is, and whether you are open for rejection. The key is to start small, and if well received, continue a little stronger and see what happens.

#1 Did you get dressed up for me or do you always look this good?

A compliment wrapped in a question is the best way to get her thinking about the potential of you becoming a "thing." Keep it simple and nonsexual to stay away from the creepy zone.

#2 You have a beautiful smile.

A simple statement is all you need to flirt with a girl. This one phrase replays in her head all day long.

#3 How does a girl like you stay single?

Let her know you'd snatch her up in a heartbeat if her heart beats for you.

#4 Do you look this good in the morning?

Sometimes I would like to find out first hand. Sure, this is a pretty straightforward "I want to sleep with you" comment. But, if you say it the right way, soft and sweet, it gets her thinking about sex with you, without coming on too strong.

#5 What does your boyfriend think of you talking to me?

If you want to know if she is single or looking, this is the perfect way to open the conversation about what her relationship status is and let her know that you are interested.

#6 Beautiful and witty, you're the total package.

Compliments are one of the best ways to flirt with a girl. Every girl wants to hear they are beautiful, but the additional component of witty, lets her know that you like her both inside and out, which is super attractive to girls.

#7 What's your plan this weekend besides warding off guys trying to win you?

Let her know that you know she is a hot commodity. A flirty question, depending on her answer, you follow it up with a phrase about how you would like to be in the running to win.

#8 You must be pretty fast to outrun all the guys who must be chasing you.

Again, make her feel special by pointing out the fact that she is desirable not just to you, but to every guy she meets.

#9 How does a guy like me get lucky enough to get a girl like you to go out with me?

Not directly asking her out, but she gets the hint that you want to.

#10 What's your sign, open to a relationship or already taken?

A twist on an old pick-up line, switch it up with asking her if she is already taken or would like you to take her.

#11 What is your favorite food and where should we eat it?

Fun and engaging, this flirty question is close enough to asking her to dinner, but won't come with the same sting of rejection if she isn't into you.

#12 Do you ever have a bad hair or a bad anything day?

Let her know you think she is perfect in every way and perfect for you.

#13 I can't decide what is more fun, hanging out with you at work or thinking about you after work.

Work relationships get pretty entangled, but if you have a coworker that you just can't seem to stop thinking about, this is the perfect flirty statement that hopefully won't land you in HR.

#14 You should spend less time at the gym and more time with me, you're already perfect.

For the girl who spends all her afternoons and early mornings in the gym instead of where you want her, be the guy who tells her she is perfect without all the hard work.

#15 You like to eat, I like to eat. Let's try it together.

Not quite a date, unless she wants it to be.

#16 I hear blondes have more fun, but they can't be any more fun than you!

For the brunette of your dreams, I would like for a guy to say that to me.

#17 You make me laugh, you know that?

Girls like to feel like they are more than just something to look at. Flirt with her by letting her know you enjoy spending time with her and want more.

#18 Your smile is like the sunshine, I want to look at it, but it is just too powerful to stare at.

A little cheesy, but if said the right way, it comes across super sweet.

#19 If I had a dime for every time you brightened my day I wouldn't have to work here anymore.

A subtle way to tell a coworker that she makes your life fun and you want more of that fun outside of the office

#20 I'm afraid if I wait any longer to make my move someone else will.

Want to hang out? If you waited in the wings for too long, it is time to step up with this flirty question.

#21 You're so hot, do people get warm just standing by you?

Close to a pick-up line, this flirty question might make her blush. But that is okay, we all like to blush once in a while.

#22 If I had three wishes one would be to take you out, two would be to take you home, three would be to never let you go.

Flirty and endearing, this might make you the triple threat.

#23 Is it annoying to have people stare at your beauty all the time?

If you muster up the courage, this is the question to let her know you think she is beautiful.

#24 You always know the right thing to say to make me laugh.

If you are in the friend zone and want to take it outside, this is a great statement to let her know that you think she is something special.

#25 You know what would look so awesome in my apartment?

You. Cute and charming, this is the perfect thing to say to a girl you try to make yours.

#26 You look beautiful today, but then again, you look beautiful every day.

What women love most is a guy unafraid to speak his mind and say what he really thinks.

#27 Someday a guy will capture your heart, I want to make sure that guy is me.

Get her thinking about the potential of a relationship with you.

#28 I don't ever tire of looking at you.

When you catch her gaze, and it just feels right, this is the best flirty thing to say to a girl.

#29 What would be your dream first date, and what time should I pick you up for it?

This is the best way to flirt with her and find out two things. What her dreams are and if you can be included in them.

#30 We're already friends, so maybe we should try the benefits part?

A little on the sexual side, but sometimes you just have to go for it.

#31 How does a guy escape the friend zone with you?

If you feel trapped in the friend zone, let her know it isn't where you want to be by asking her point blank how to break out.

#32 Your smile is like sunshine, it is amazingly bright and makes me feel warm.

Just a cute little phrase to make her smile some more.

#33 What would you say if someone like me were to ask out someone like you?

A flirty question that lets you know instantly if you should ask her out or play it cool.

#34 You're beautiful when you laugh, and every other second of the day.

Make her day by letting her know that you think about her all throughout yours.

#35 I think we would be totally good together.

This simple phrase might catch her off guard, but it will definitely get her thinking...

Using these flirty things to say to a girl you dream about might be just about the most intimidating thing you can think of. Let's face it, no one likes to be rejected. But if you never put yourself out there, you won't ever get her to fall head over heels in love. If you want to let her know how you feel without sounding creepy, just keep it light. Stay away from saying things overtly sexual. Once you say it, smile, hush and wait for a reply.

You know pretty instantaneously how she feels by the reply you get, just keep it simple and don't come on too strong.

Make your feelings fairly obvious with these flirty things to say to a girl, so that you get the response that tells you what to do next.

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