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$32,000 Miller Twin Pin Glass Insulator : 42nd National Insulator Association Convention (slideshow) - San Jose Mercury News

By Dotpattern @collectinghobby

The insulator crowd is full of electrifying stories - San Jose Mercury News
Glass InsulatorImage by DarkFokus2 via Flickr
But it's not about the money or the horse-trading or the backlit jewel boxes shimmering with these increasingly obsolete relics of our heavily-wired past. It's about the stories.
"You won't see people just sitting there behind a table," said Lou Hall, a retired home designer from Fresno and the president of the 1,500-member group, as he led visitors Saturday into the convention floor at the Doubletree airport hotel. "It's a buzz of conversation. It's stories told and retold. Where was that one found? Who did you buy this one from? Did you hear Fred died last fall? What happened to his collection?"

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