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31 Days of Halloween – Day 10: Paranormal TV

By Bunnysunday @missbunnysunday

31 Days of Halloween – Day 10: Paranormal TV

There’s nothing better than basking in the warm glow of a laptop screen. Unless you count human contact (which I do not.) I watch a lot of paranormal reality television… on my laptop… while in bed. I’d say it’s my guilty pleasure… but it’s pretty much just my pleasure. Most of these shows are SO BAD they’re good. Sometimes though, on rare occasions, I’m authentically creeped out by the spooky happenings on these programs:

Ghost Hunters

I dislike this show, but I like to hate-watch it sometimes. For the record, I don’t believe in “hunting ghosts” because you’re basically hunting humans. Doesn’t that seem morally wrong in several ways? Can you imagine sneaking into someone’s home at night, shaking them awake and then making them turn a flashlight on and off while you shove a camera in their face the ENTIRE TIME? Mostly, I watch Ghost Hunters because any show featuring middle aged, white men who scare themselves in the dark seems like a win for feminism. Plus, I like to imagine what they would do if they actually “caught” a ghost. Would they suck it into a vacuum, Ghostbusters style? Let’s be real. They’d probably pee in their pants and cry, right? That’s what I would do.

Dead Files

A gruff New York cop (who’s weirdly attractive) and an awkward psychic (who’s weirdly attractive) investigate hauntings. Amy Allan, who plays is a psychic is super creepy. Her face and voice are SO animated and expressive. She looks authentically scared all the time, which makes me authentically scared ALL THE TIME.

Paranormal State

I can’t even discuss this show because it scares the living hell out of me. FOR REAL. All you need to know is that Ryan Buell (sexy) herds a rag tag team of misfits into homes where they will potentially become a demon’s midnight snack. Also, the show features psychics and priests who seem to be vaguely “not right” in at least one lobe of their brain. I mean that in the best possible way. My favorite episodes are the ones with Lorraine Warren, the bat-shit-crazy great aunt you always wished you had. Everything about her is PERFECT. Basically, this show drops the D-Bomb (as in demon) more than any other, making it both terrifying and ridiculous.

Psychic Kids

This show is the Glee of the paranormal world. Really nice psychics help really nice kids come to terms with their psychic abilities. A lot of the kids looks like they haven’t slept in months. They are terrified of the creepy ghost that harass them 24/7. Side note: ghosts are assholes. Often, the parents don’t believe in anything supernatural and think their kid is possessed by Satan. There’s a lot of turmoil but, eventually, the parents accept the kid for who they are. I cry a lot when I watch this show.

There are MANY other shows in this genre, but these are a few of my favorites. I know some people watch them unironically, and that’s totally okay. I don’t judge (unless you’re on a paranormal reality show, in which case I do judge. Harshly.)


Happy Watching!


31 Days of Halloween – Day 10: Paranormal TV

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