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30 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 10 Current Fashion/style You Like

By Tokkiandoliver @tokkiandoliver
You know how everyone has guilty pleasures? I'm about to reveal mine today with you all.  I have been sucked into the allure of the 50's through the horrible tv sitcom, Pan Am.  It's bad, my 70+ mother in law watches it, so I started watching it and the cheesy plot makes me cringe, but the pencil skirts and pristine outfits have won my heart.  I don't agree with majority of social ethos nor the domestication of women in the 50's, but I really do love the femininity of that era.  It's such a contradiction! I'm battling with it internally lol!  The show however wants to depict a dawn of the new woman, the Pan Am stewardess which travels the world and doesn't have to live in the confounds of what a woman was meant to traditionally do (housewife, mother, etc. etc.) I guess it's ok then for me to watch (that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it).
I won't lie to you all, even if it's embarrassing as hell, but a current fashion (fashion rebirth more like it) that I like is the 50's/60's prime and proper tailored clothes and fashions.  The look I put together is not all necessary from this era, but I felt it all tied in together to create a modern spin on the quintessential female from the 50's.   I am also enjoying blues and nudes as you shall see.
I hope you enjoy!
30 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 10 Current fashion/style you like 
What style has you interested this upcoming season??Also, before I go, I wanted to alert everyone that I'm having a 100 blog follower giveaway.  Come and enter for a chance to win the highly sought after and hard to find nail polish by Max Factor in Fantasy Fire (a very good Clarins 230 dupe).

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