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3 Reasons That Having an Invisible Illness Isn't the End of the World

By Cass
Hi All,
I realize that I've been a bit distant this last week and that is mainly down to starting a great new job and battling a mammoth flare up! It's never ending it seems...even today I've woken up to mouth ulcers covering the inside of my cheek. But never mind, it's onwards and upwards from here on in.
3 reasons that having an invisible illness isn't the end of the world
So today I'm going to go against the grain and look at the things that are positive to come from an invisible illness. I have read so many reasons why we should all be upset and lonely in this....but what about the good things that come from battling everyday. There must be some or I would have given up long ago. So I've thought long and hard and I'm going to start bringing you posts that focus purely on the positive....and here is the first!
I am stronger than I have ever been in my life.
As we all do, I have experiences hardships, losses and grief. It's all part of life and none of us can escape these things, but what happens to us when we really do have to be strong for ourselves every single second of every single day? 
One thing I have realised is that I am one ridiculously tough cookie. I have been through hospital issues, fear of giving up, being close to questions that I am not ready to answer and been ridiculed by people for being ill. On top of this I have had all the hard times life brings forth to deal with. And look....I'm still here. Nothing has beaten me yet and the coping mechanisms I've learnt during my illness have got me through life and not just flare ups.
3 reasons that having an invisible illness isn't the end of the world
I understand my body better than I ever have.
Foresight is an amazing thing. As I have been so ill for so long I can see thins coming well before they ever advance on me. Like an army going into battle, I have all the tools at my disposal to push then back early enough.
I understand my health in ways that many don't. I know what certain twinges mean, what different pains relate to different things and I won't be burning out as I know when to rest. How many people can say this in their lives? Many of us get the flu but don't prepare in when it comes we are in a worse position! I'm lucky in this and thankful for it.3 reasons that having an invisible illness isn't the end of the world
I have a legitimate reason to have pyjama days.
I have friends who honestly feel guilty for staying in their pjs all day long. I can understand this to an extent. You want to be active buts sometimes we are too tired to be....however I will never feel guilty for not getting dressed, staying in bed and eating chocolate...this is what I can do with no come backs.
So next time you feel a little low, fatigued and just crap...well remember that there are positives to be found in every situation in life...and keep your eyes peeled for more here! 

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