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3 Pick-Me-Ups for a Busy and Fashionable Woman

By Lamamma @LAmamma1

Working long hours, barely getting enough rest, aching muscles – we’ve all experienced the frustrating side effects of working hard and doing our very best to succeed. These three pick-me-ups are perfect for a busy career-oriented fashionista that deserves a little bit of pampering. Think you’re too busy for a pick-me-up? Think again! These three tips will only take you ten minutes or less.

Buy Skinny Jeans You’ll Love

Being super busy can actually do you a favor, in the weight department that is. As long as you’re taking care of yourself health wise and are not forgetting to eat, why not run to the mall — or better yet you can shop online during your lunch break – and treat yourself to a new pair of slimming jeans? There are plenty of slimming jeans available, including plus size skinny jeans, petite skinny jeans, and even stretch skinny jeans available on NYDJ. Buy a pair of jeans that you can wear to the office, or save them for a special occasion for when you actually get time to go out with the girls to see a new chick flick in the theater.

Listen to a Favorite Song

Listening to a favorite song seems simple, doesn’t it? It’s proven that music can boost someone’s mood, and playing a favorite tune or two will help put a smile on your face when work is crazy and you have zero time. If your work allows music at your desk try creating a new CD with some of the more recent songs. You’ll find yourself humming along to some upbeat tunes that will make the day go by more quickly, and you will be in better spirits.

Call a Friend on the Phone

When you’re busy it’s easy to get out of touch with friends, so instead of continuing to make excuses, take the ten minutes during your lunch or after work and call a girlfriend. Even if she doesn’t pick up because she’s more of a texter she’ll appreciate the gesture. What’s more, it will mean a lot to your friends knowing that even though you’re crazy busy you’re making the effort to stay in touch rather than allowing way too much time to pass you by before you try to reach out.

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