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3 – Must Have Social Media Skills & 3 – Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media

By Bonirulzz @bonirulzz

- Creativity

Executives need to be creative enough to produce content that can attract users . Social media executives have big responsibility of attracting user’s attention in short time. So you need to be as creative as you can.


Second on the list is spontaneity, Conversation on social media platforms happens instantly, conversations are lively and quick answer or spontaneous answers keeps the interaction going. Brands that reply fast on social media platforms are more likely to win users confidence compared to slower brands on social media

-  Listening Skills

One of the most important but least spoken skill – listening skill. Social media platforms allows you to get in touch with your customers directly and hence you need someone who can listen to your customers query or opinion.

What are the top three mistakes business execs make on social media?

- Over sharing of information

Imagine a situation where your customer tweets you about your product details which is yet to be released, and your executive gives away key information. I have seen such over sharing of information which affects the overall promotion activity. Make sure you don’t over share the information when you someone is inquiring about your product.

- Excessive posting

One of the most common mistake, executives make is over posting. Understand your audience well and post it when they are active. Facebook offers an insight into when you users are mostly active, similarly tools like followerwonk tells you when your users are active on twitter.

-Losing the Coolness

Keep your eyes and ears open and stay away from creating any kind of controversies or harsh statements. If you are handling your company Facebook page or twitter handle, there are chances that you will land up few customers who may complain about your product or services. Don’t loss your coolness their – just reply to their queries and end it with thank you.

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