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3 Great Sources for Help with 2 Factor Authentication

Posted on the 16 February 2015 by Vasile Stoica @vasile_stoica

The term 2-factor authentication refers to a type of security were users must provide two separate means of confirming their identity. Traditionally the two forms include a physical identification card as well as a memorized security code. It's a form of security that's becoming increasingly common in daily life. It's also a very important factor in providing customers with a safe environment when they're online.

Who Needs to Invest in 2 Factor Authentication

The truth is that there aren't any businesses that won't benefit from 2-factor authentication security measures. A good program allows businesses to do everything from providing customers with a safe online shopping experience, to the creation of secure mobile apps, to keeping computers files away from the competition, to managing fleet vehicles.

2 Factor Authentication Solutions

When it comes to 2-factor authentication solutions, there are a number of programs available that business owners can consider.


Website owners will have a difficult time finding company that does a better job keeping their customers safer than Clef. Customers love the fact that the security measures created by Clef don't require them to remember complicated passcodes or the answers to obscure security questions. The only thing they need is their cell phone. Waving the phone in front of their computer screen confirms the individual's identity and allows them to access their account.

The Clef program uses Apple's Touch ID technology to keep the website secure. RSA public-key architecture keeps all logins secure. The Clef system is constantly running searches designed to detect fraud.

The Clef program is easy to set up, affordable, and provides users with peace of mind.


Rublon has created a program that uses customers emails to verify their identity. They also have a mobile app that provides an extra level of security. Clients have found that the Rublon security system is easy to use, fast to set up, and doesn't require any additional training to use.

Duo Security

Duo Security is a rising star in the field of two-factor authenticity. They have worked hard to create a security program can be customized to fit each of their clients unique needs. What really sets Duo Security apart is that they have come up with a program that also provides offline security that extends to landlines, texting, and mobile apps.

Two-factor authenticity allows customers to feel safe while they're engaged in online shopping, increasing the odds they return to the same website when they want to make additional purchases.

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