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2nd Update - the Racist Right Statements from the Truckers Non-shut-down of Washinton D.C.

Posted on the 11 October 2013 by Doggone

We've often heard the right deny they're racists.
I think that must be because 1. they are good at denying facts and reality; and 2. they don't know what racism is when they trip over it and face plant in the muck they wallow in.
2nd Update - the Racist Right statements from the truckers non-shut-down of Washinton D.C.
It is worth noting that Zeeda Andrews, event organizer, is an avowed birther.
The Las Vegas Guardian Express picked up on some of the more extremely racist comments made by the event organizers and presenters:

T2SDA Libertarian Trucker Protest Begins in Washington

Added by Mandy Gardner on October 11, 2013.T2SDA – the Truckers to Shut Down America protest organization – officially begins today in Washington on the back of wildly racist, libertarian ideals. Dubbed the “Ride for the Constitution,” the trucker-led protest was organized by ex-trucker Zeeda Andrews, who is currently hosting a live radio feed via the Ride For the Constitution website. Andrews states the purpose of the T2SDA protest is “about getting these folks in Washington to know that we are paying attention.” Andrews and many of her colleagues believe that Americans need to send a strong message to the government and force them back to work, as well as eradicate socialist-leanings in legislation.
The protest in Washington, as well as planned War Memorial protests across the United States, are unaffiliated with a political party, says Zeeda Andrews. A libertarian co-host referred to the President as “Barack Hussein Obama” and blamed him for the socialization of health care. Not to be labelled a Red-State Republican, however, he also blamed former President Ronald Reagan for the socialization of public education, urging all parents to pursue home schooling for their children. Andrews’ radio show is being presented by the Guerilla Media Network, but is experiencing technical difficulties which staff are blaming on anti-T2SDA hackers.
...“Is it legal of them to be talking about raising the debt ceiling?” asked one of the Ride for the Constitution radio hosts. He went on to suggest that the President be thrown out into “the woods” on his own without any “socialism” to take care of him. In a remarkably racist comment, the man went on to laughingly draw out a plan where “Barack Hussein Obama” be forced into an outdoor survival situation where he would theoretically learn the value of guns, violence and independence. After the ordeal, the President would come back to the city and “tell all the black people” to forget their socialist values, buy guns and stop asking for government handouts.
“You have until midnight to vacate voluntarily,” a presenter calling himself Train Wreck Tommy said to the President. “Take your basketballs and go.”
Presumably the "vacate voluntarily' is intended to be taken as a threat, with involuntarily meaning by force or violence.
I wonder if Train Wreck Tommy is aware that 1. Obama is himself competent with guns, 2. he is protected in the White House by the Secret Service, backed up by the military, and 3. he's trash talking insurrection and treason?
The unpatriotic little pissant might want to wait for a few more people to back him up on that, because I don't see the coward doing it alone.  And I don't see a few dozen old, white, flabby, and crabby children-who-never-grew-up, playing with their real big rigs, as nearly enough help.

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