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25 of the Best Adventure Photos of All Time

Posted on the 29 January 2018 by Kungfujedi @Kungfujedi
25 of the Best Adventure Photos of All Time Adventure photography has gotten so popular and impressive that it has pretty much branched out into its own category. Typically the shots are of an outdoor athlete performing some amazing feat in an equally amazing setting, although for my money a good adventure photo doesn't have to have anyone else in it at all. Instead, it can be taken by the photographer who had to go on an actual adventure just to get the view that was captured. No matter how you define it though, adventure photography has been providing inspiration for decades.
Now, our friends over at Men's Journal have compiled 25 of the best adventure photos of all time. These images range from the iconic to the obscure, but each is an amazing shot of some pretty famous individuals in the outdoor world all doing what they do best, often in settings that simply can't be beat. You'll find photos of Alex Honnold on a ledge in Yosemite for instance, as well as photos of Dean Potter walking a slackline in the same setting. There are impressive pictures of surfing in Alaska, fat biking in Minnesota, and climbing on Everest, all of which will convey a sense of exploration and adventure.
You're likely to recognize more than a few of the photographers as well. Many of the shots have been taken by guys like Jimmy Chin and Cory Richards, although others are practically household names as well. All are talented men and women with a great eye, a sense of timing, and their own spirit of adventure, as they are usually sitting right alongside their subjects in some of the most extreme environments on the planet.
Check out the entire gallery by clicking here, and be prepared to be inspired in both your own photography and adventures.

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