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23 Beautiful Hearts At Mrs Delhi NCR 2015 Grand Finale

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
A salute to these twenty-three real life She-heroes who not only have done a commendable job by walking the ramp in a commanding manner but also have proven once again the women are far more serious when they really get into any profession. These 23 women are not professional models, neither have they taken any professional course in modelling. They have family and kids to take care of. They have their individual professions - demanding full-time attention. Some are executives in multinationals, some are in airlines, some in other professions. But one thing is sure, they all are into multiple jobs. Besides handling their professional area successfully, they are successful housewives, loving mothers and admired wives.
Each of the participating women has made her husband, kid(s) and family members proud by demonstrating their mettle of grit and willpower. They have proved that if you dare to dream in life, you must wait for the right opportunity to let your dreams come true. At some moment in their lives, they dreamt of competing in a beauty pageant, walking on the ramp proudly and facing the judges and audience boldly. 20th June 2015 was the day when they finally did all this and had a loud accolade not only from the judges but also from each and every person present there.
Glamour Gurgaon & Bombay Jewellers organised the Grand Finale of Mrs Delhi NCR 2015 on Saturday 20th June 2015 at Hotel Country Inn and Suites, Sohna Road, Gurgaon. Rahul Roy (of Aashiqui fame) and Aseem Merchant were among the esteemed judges.
23 Beautiful Hearts At Mrs Delhi NCR 2015 Grand Finale

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