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2018 Is The "Year Of The Woman" In Politics

Posted on the 28 January 2018 by Jobsanger
According to NBC News, 2016 was a high-water mark for women running for political office. It had 16 women running for the Senate and 167 running for the House of Representatives. But 2018 has made those numbers look small.
In 2018, there are 397 women running for the House of Representatives (230 more than in 2016), and 50 women running for the Senate (34 more than in 2016). And most of the women running for both are running as  Democrats.
There are 317 women running for the House in the Democratic primaries, and 80 women running in the Republican primaries. For the Senate, 31 women are running as Democrats and 19 as Republicans.
This is a good thing. Women are the majority group, and they need a bigger voice in our government. Hopefully, if a lot of them get elected, they can straighten out the government mess men have created.

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