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2016 & the GOP Dilemma: Mainstreaming Hatred, and Another Bush as the Only Sane Choice?

Posted on the 19 March 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
The incredible indecency of an American Political Party...their fondness for hatred and the joy watching their fellow man's misery.  Their hate for the Poor and all the legislations passed or not passed...all with the same intentions against that Class' best interests, cannot ever be denied and 'will' be recorded for posterity in history! Their violently despicable hate for the Black Community, their paranoia over Gays, their hateful dislike of Immigrants, their obsessive pleasure of trying to lawfully control a Woman's body, their dislike of the Youth...and their obsession to destroy the education of the masses!  History! and a technological New World, are recording all this shit!!
Seniors? fuck 'em!! Every effort has been made over and over again through the years, to remove Social Security and Medicare from the Public to the Private Sector.  It's like having a family member, who you despise and purposely left out of your Will...take over your legal Trust Fund and Will! 'know' how responsible they're gonna be with you and your money? I'll trust Uncle Sam, before ever trusting Uncle Mitch!!
What does the future hold for the Grand Old Party?
The Ying-Yang between the Tea Drinkers and the traditional Cocktail Crowd may win ya Local and gerrymandered US Districts...but it doesn't fly Nationwide, by a wide margin! They have no clue what their long-term goals are going to be!...they've had no clue on forming not even a single piece of Policy, since the 1st Tuesday Night of November, 2008! Except!!...making Obama a one term Prez! and 'that' failed too! They captured the Senate? it goes back and forth...and with 24 of them running for re-election in 2016? and most of them part of the 47 Traitors? The US Senate is anything but safe for the GOP in 2016! The US House? long as Gerrymandering is Legal, batshit will hang from the rafters of the Lower Chamber!
Nothing still will ever get accomplished, till the pissing contest between the Tea and the Tanqueray drinkers stop. For the sake of whatever sanity is left in the Republican Party...kick the Tea out of the GOP and have them start their own officially sanctioned and chartered Political Party!!
Till then, concentrate and worry about the seats they're going to lose, thanks to Tom Cotton's embarrassment...than Hillary!!
Bringing hate to the mainstream of America is quite easy...glorify your actions to your own base, and keep FoxNews in silence of any criticism. Allow divisive hatred to flourish by justifying their hate...lie! lie! lie! Do it often, do it enough, and even non-political Greek Frat Boys' will demonstrate their own dormant built-in racial if it was no big deal! And why should it be, when leaders...officials elected to represent the people...verbally and openly disrespect the President of the Unites States?? No one has ever done that! Politicos and their actions set the tone for America. They see their elected leaders act like scum, they figure it's OK to act like them too!...they 'did' elected them!
2016. One hundred years ago, the US invaded Cuba for the 3rd Time. To remove the "corrupt" Menocal Government...and install their own corrupt puppet. Internal Involvement in Cuban politics, inside and outside the Government by the US, $$$, and Corruption went hand in hand, some Cuban Presidents more than others till 1959. One hundred years later; nothing changes! there're those who want to invade another country, now!  Scum is a magnet for money...destroy a country for personal gains, even if it's your own. The GOP is proving it everyday!!
Where is the crop of Dumbo prospects to challenge the Donkeys?...when the very best they have, is another Bush with more dirty laundry in his closet!
With a Party spewing divisive hatred 24/7, widespread violence, and police brutality perpetrated towards the black community, and a Country who on every single National Issue, opposes them! A Country where Barack Obama has been praised by Forbes Magazine as the greatest "Economic" President in modern times! a Country where the Stock Market has set record highs! The unemployment is hitting record lows, and for record continuing periods. People are spending $$, getting affordable Healthcare...for many...the first time in years! Where people are happy just being who they are, and where so many bans and taboos in our Society, have been torn down. There's no going back to Pleasantville!
With all the crazy insane batshit running around, where even the Pope compares these Fundamentalists to ISIS....where 47 idiots committed treason by secretly negotiating with a Foreign Government, to undermine the policies of their own administration, and at the same time undermine the talks between US, Great Britain, France, Russia, China, plus Germany...and Iran. 47 people sabotaging all these other countries, too!  Embarrassing?  To the American People, to the United States Senate, even to Republicans...and a shameful embarrassment to all those Countries and the rest of the world! Are they embarrassed? They very well may be in 2016!
The worst they try to make Obama look...the better Barack looks! And all the filth in their character is just going to carry over in 2016 with Hillary!! or does anyone really expect  a clean and courteous Election? Whether it's Hillary or Elizabeth, doesn't really matter!'s going to be a Woman! and the GOP can't deal with that! Taking orders from a Black Guy for 8 years?...and now a Woman?
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