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2015 Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Gift Ideas for the Fitness Enthusiast in Your Life

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

In search of  the perfect gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life? Look no further! I’ve compiled a list of 20 gift ideas that are sure to please. From practical, to quirky, to motivational, there’s ought to be an idea to win over that special person on your list.

2015 Gift Guide - Motivational Poster

Fitness Motivation Poster

Every day can feel a bit more epic when you wake up to a poster like this. Help motivate a friend or just show them how awesome you already think are. (from $15.75;

2015 Gift Guide - Yoga Joes

Yoga Joes

Meet the next generation of GI Joes: Yoga Joes! These plastic figurines are perfect for adorning any bookshelf, desk, or empty nook. Not only are these guys guaranteed to keep the peace, but if you’re just not feeling the green, they also come in hot pink. ($25 for a set of nine;

2015 Gift Guide - Cold Roller Ball

Cold Roller Ball

Foam rollers are awesome at working out knots in our legs and back, but occasionally our neck and shoulders could use some extra TLC. That’s where this massage plus ice therapy roller ball comes in handy. The combo item features a stainless steel ball with gel insulation, so it’ll stay cold—but not too cold—as it smoothly rolls over those aching muscles. ($39;

2015 Gift Guide - Wireless Headphones

Beats Wireless Headphones

No more getting tangled up at the gym with these sweatproof, water-resistant Beats Powerup 2 Wireless headphones. ($200;

2015 Gift Guide - Race Bib Coasters

Race Bib Coasters

For most people, race bibs serve their purpose for the duration of the race—and are then promptly thrown away. But thanks to this genius idea, you can now commemorate killer races with more than an Instagram finish line photo. ($25;

2015 Gift Guide - Kettebell Charm Chain

Kettlebell Charm and Chain

Let the kettlebell lover in your life know you respect her swinging habit by giving her a kettlebell charm and chain! The charm is cast pewter and the chain comes in three different finishes. ($23;

2015 Gift Guide Juice Subscription

A Juice Subscription

If the person on your list is a cold-pressed juice guzzler, and juice subscription will have them grinning ear to ear! ($160/month for 12 juices;

2015 Gift Guilde - 100 Days of Real Food

100 Days of Real Food Cookbook

“100 Days of Real Food: How We Did It, What We Learned, and 100 Easy, Wholesome Recipes Your Family Will Love” (a #1 New York Time Bestseller) is based off the experience of a mom who pledged to go 100 days without eating highly processed or refined foods. It’s filled with recipes ideas and tips to eat healthier and understand your food better! ($30;

2015 Gift Guide - Motivational Makeup Bag

Motivational Makeup Bag

Cute and functional, this dog-eared makeup bag the will remind your fitness friend to bring it daily. ($24;

2015 Gift Guide - Bondi Bands

Bondi Bands

The best workout headband money can buy! Help that special someone have a better workout by not having to worry about sweat rolling down their forehead or hair flying in their face. Read more about my love for Bondi Bands here. ($9;

2015 Gift Guide - Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor

Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor

For the serious fitness enthusiast who is ready to take their workouts to the next level. The Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor attaches to your chest to ensures a continuous heart rate measurement with no interruption to exercise. The sensor captures the slightest electrical impulses and performs the most accurate heart rate readout with ECG-based technology. ($40 ;

2015 Gift Guide - Laundress Sport Spray

The Laundress Sport Spray

The nontoxic sport spray that’s made with essential oilsfreshens up practically anything. ($20;

2015 Gift Guide - Vegetable Spiralizer

Vegetable Spiralizer

The gluten-free, Paleo, and low-carb cooks in your life will all want the Procizion Vegetable Spiral Slicer. This handy tool creates veggie noodles at home in just minutes. ($18;

2015 Gift Guide - Laundry Punch Bag

Punch Bag Laundry Bag

Thanks to this gift, your roommate can stop taking out aggression on your nice couch pillows. The bag is large enough to hold a heavyweight load of washing and tough enough to take jabs and uppercuts over and over. ($36;

2015 Gift Guide - NANOspikes


A little snow and ice shouldn’t keep your favorite runner from running outdoors during the winter. The NANOspikes will give her the gift of ultimate traction, even on wet ice. Run across slippery, frozen surfaces with ultralight, low-profile traction. Like studded snow tires for your feet, the NANOspikes bite into icy sidewalks or roads while preserving shoe flexibility. ($50;

2015 Gift Guide - FlipBelt


Meet an attractive take on the fanny pack: the FlipBelt. Sleek and stylish, this belt fits snugly to the waist and can hold all of your workout necessities (iPhone/iPod, cash, and keys). The moisture-wicking spandex-lycra blend ensures it will stay put during the most active workouts. ($29;

2015 Gift Guide - Kiqplan

Kiqplan App

For the person on your list who’s always asking for a pep talk, Kiqplan will exactly serve that need. With eight different plans to choose from, Kiqplan is an app bundle that offers 12-week expert-guided training programs, from “Your First 5K” to “Goodbye Baby Bump” and “Beer Belly Blaster.” Each app comes with videos, coaching, and motivational tips that also sync up with a variety of fitness trackers, smartphones, and smartwatches. ($30;

2015 Gift Guide - Custom Yoga Mat

Monogrammed Yoga Mat

This is the ultimate personalized present! Choose a mat color, monogram color, and font style to customize this gift for the yogi on your list. ($45;

2015 Gift Guide - Protein Powder Cookbook

The Ultimate Protein Pow(d)er Cookbook

“Think outside the shake!” – there are delicious ways to use protein that go beyond simply tossing a scoop of powder into your blender in the morning. Protein powders can also be used to make an infinite array of healthy and delicious foods that satisfy your tastebuds and your health and optimal fitness. ($16;

2015 Gift Guide - Waterproof Earbuds

Waterproof iPod and Swim Buds Bundle

This gift is a no-brainer for anyone who prefers hitting the lap pool to get in a good workout. The waterproof iPod is a true iPod shuffle that’s then made waterproof through a special process at Underwater Audio. Pair it with waterproof headphones and you’ve got access to all the same tunes you love on land. And let’s be honest: Even if you’re not training for a triathlon, this gift would be pretty awesome for lazy summers lounging on a raft, too. ($175;

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