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20 Top Whey Protein Concentrate Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair

By Jayshreebhagat

Whey protein is usually related to bodybuilding, weight loss or losing body fat. But whey protein also has benefits beyond the fat loss and muscle building, specifically whey protein concentrate.  Whey protein concentrate is the best source of protein that is easily digestible protein and for all ages, including babies and seniors. It has low fat & carbohydrates (lactose) level as per the concentrated amount. The lower concentrate can have 30% protein; while the higher concentrations can also have 90% protein. We all know about many health benefits of whey protein, but its lesser known among people for skin and hair benefits as well.

Let’s check 20 Top Whey Protein Concentrate Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Whey Protein Concentrate

Muscle Strengthening

20 Top Whey Protein Concentrate Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair

Exercises and workouts tend to make your body weak. You can recover, repair and get strong muscles by including Whey Protein Concentrate in your diet. This also helps in muscle toning, improved metabolism to give your toned figure.


Whey Protein Concentrate is a rich source of antioxidant glutathione that helps to destroy free radicals. This helps to prevent any signs of aging. Whey protein is also used to slow down the degeneration of your muscles and thus provides strong & healthy muscles as you grow old.


20 Top Whey Protein Concentrate Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair

Women often suffer from osteoporosis that makes their bones thinner and brittle. Whey Protein Concentrate contains good amounts of calcium which helps to treat osteoporosis and maintain strong bones.

Breast cancer and cervical cancer

Breast cancer and cervical cancer is common among women that can also cause death. Whey protein helps in controlling the cancer cell growth during the chemotherapy. This also makes an ideal meal for cancer patients since; it’s easily digestible, nutritious, increases immunity and gives energy.

Weight loss

20 Top Whey Protein Concentrate Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair

Consuming whey protein helps in easy fat loss from the body and makes your body muscles leaner. Low carbohydrate diet people can choose whey protein as its low in carbohydrates & contain a high amount of protein. This also enhances your metabolic activities helping your burn excess fat easily.

Easily absorbed

Whey protein shakes is known to have highest Biological Value. They contain Soy, whey and casein can get easily digested and absorbed.

Healthy Heart

Heart stroke can also lead to poor memory, paralysis, and speech loss.   Whey protein is useful to lower LDL level or bad cholesterol in your body & also blood pressure reduction. Hence it reduces heart strokes & other related heart diseases.

Regulate Hormone level

Whey Protein Concentrate powder is the richest source of proteins in the most soluble form. The nutritive value of whey powder is even more than meat, egg whites and meat.

Boosts Immunity

Whey Protein Concentrate is well known to fight against all infections by boosting your body’s immunity power. This is useful to increase glutathione production in the body that is a very strong antioxidant to remove all toxins from one’s body.

Healthy Liver

Liver functioning is also known to be improved by consuming whey protein in the advised quantities.

Controls Appetite and Body Fat

Whey protein is well known to regulate appetite and thus body weight. This helps to curb your hunger pranks and keep your body feeling full for a longer period and prevents overeating.

Balances Blood Sugar level

Whey protein concentrate can help to reduce blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

Muscle Growth

20 Top Whey Protein Concentrate Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair

Whey protein is very popular among people looking for muscle growth or gym goers. It also helps in the improvement in the athletic performance for both men & women. It is advised to consume whey protein after exercise to improve blood levels of essential amino acids and protein oxidation.

Whey Protein Concentrate Benefits for Skin

Excellent CTM

Whey Protein Concentrate powder acts as an excellent cleanser, toner & moisturizer for your skin. Thus, this is also an essential component in cosmetic products.

Maintain Healthy Skin

Collagen is needed to maintain your skin’s elasticity and almost 30% of your body’s protein has collagen. This helps to keep your blood, skin, teeth, and bones strong.  Consuming whey protein regularly can help you maintain healthy and firm skin. Also, this has amino acids that help to make the skin elastic.

Treat Pimples

Whey powder contains antimicrobial properties to treat pimples and acne.

Younger Looking Skin

Whey protein is a good option to rejuvenate your skin. Just mix 2 cups- whey powder to the water into the bathtub. Sit and enjoy your bath time for 25 minutes.

Whey Protein Concentrate Benefits for Hair

20 Top Whey Protein Concentrate Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair

Cleans Scalp

You can also use Whey Protein Concentrate instead of your regular shampoo. Just Rub the whey powder onto your scalp, massage well and rinse off with clean lukewarm water. This home remedy for hair also helps to clean the scalp and keep it oil free. In fact, you can also use it after doing hair shampoo to improve your hair texture.

Treat Hair Loss

Hair loss can be due to deficiency of protein in your body, as Hair is made of protein. Consuming Whey Protein Concentrate on regular basis can help to improve protein level and thus prevent hair loss problems like baldness and hair thinning as well.

Thicker Hair

Consuming Whey Protein Concentrate can make your hair look healthier, thicker and shinier. It also makes the scalp healthy and prevents psoriasis and dandruff.

Hope you find our post beneficial about Whey Protein Concentrate Benefits for Health, Skin, and Hair!  But Make sure to choose a Whey Protein Concentrate that is…

  • Natural
  • In raw form
  • Limited processing
  • Preserved in their original form
  • Clean and pure powder
  • Contains no fillers or preservatives
  • High protein concentrate

I suggest As-It-Is Nutrition (Beginners) Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Unflavoured. Click Here to buy!

***Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor or gym instructor to know about the correct intake of whey protein.

Do leave your comment for 20 Top Whey Protein Concentrate Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair!!!

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