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1st Day New gTLD Radix Totals: .Website 6,342; .Press 800; .Host 780 & Updated Totals on This Week’s Launches

Posted on the 19 September 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

Three new gTLD’s went into general availability (GA) yesterday all operated by Radix and the totals after the first day of general availability including domain names registered during the Sunrise period for Trademark holders and during Landrush a period where registrant could pay more money for early access to the domain names are as follows:

.Website 6,342

.Press 800

.Host 780

Yesterday afternoon Radix put out a press release saying that they had registered over 6,500 .Website domain names in the first four hours of GA, so we are slightly confused by that one, maybe they meant the total exceeded 6,500 domains after four hours even then its still a little short.  Guess we will see what the numbers look like at the end of the second day.

On the other hand, several new gTLD’s that launched earlier this week continue to add hundreds of registrations:

.Church 502 and is now over 4,500 registrations

.Vegas 442 and now is over 7,000 registrations

.Guide 322 and is now past 3,700 registrations

.Life 312 taking it past 2,400 registrations

Interestingly .London which had 400 new registrations yesterday had 966 deleted domain names leaving it with a total loss on the say of 587 domains.

We are sure of why over 2% of all .London domains were deleted yesterday, it could be related to premium domains that were sold as regular priced registrations, we know of at least one registrar that had over 250 of .London domains that were sold for normal registration price that were domains with premium registration and renewal pricing and number could reflect that pricing issue.  It is unusually for that many new gTLD domains to be deleted in a single day.

Here is an updated on the new gTLD’s that launched earlier this week:

.Horse added 52 registrations to 677

.Loans added 38 registrations to 670

.Cooking added 13 registrations to 627

.Vodka added 4 registrations to 620

.Fishing added 22 registrations to 530

.Republican added 3 registrations to 388.

If anyone is interested .Com had a net add yesterday of almost 38,000 registrations and is now over 114 million domains registered.


.Club which launched long ago is continue to rock with 538 registrations yesterday and now close to topping  107,000 registered domains.

Speaking of rocking, the new gTLD .Rocks continues to add over 100 domain registrations a day, adding 155 yesterday and is now over 12,000 registrations.

.Rocks launched about 6 weeks ago on August 6th and had after its first day of GA just over 5,100 registrations.


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