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187: How to Talk About a Business Trip in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

Many companies in China have offices and operations across the country and some people need to travel often to different regions and cities. Depending on your business you might be one of such people. In which case, you’ll need to know how to plan the best route, and the easiest or most efficient type of transportation to take.

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) How to work out a travel plan for a business trip

(ii) To check that the trip has been organised to go to the places you want


A secretary is arranging a business trip for her boss:


(zài bàn gōng shì)

(at the office)


Lǎo bǎn, cóng Běi Jīng dào Shàng Hǎi de jī piào wǒ yǐ jīng gěi nín dìng hǎo le. Hái shì gōng wù cāng, kào chuān de wèi zhi.

Boss, I have already booked your air ticket from Beijing to Shanghai. I’ve booked business class with a window seat.


Hǎo de. Jiǔ diàn yě dìng le ba?

Okay. Have you made the hotel reservation, too?


Dìng hǎo le, xī ěr dùn jiǔ diàn

Yes, I did. At the Hilton Hotel.


Nà cóng Shàng Hǎi dào Háng Zhōu nà duàn er ne?

What about the trip from Shanghai to Hangzhou?


Wǒ gěi nín dìng de gāo tiě.

I have booked the high-speed rail for you.


Hǎo de.

Okay, thanks.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:








头等舱:first class

商务舱/公务舱:business class

经济舱:economy class


希尔顿:Hilton Hotel

那段儿:that section/part of the trip

高铁:high-speed rail

靠窗的位置:window seat


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