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18 November 1971: Foundation of the World Teacher Trust

By Luphil

This year we celebrate 7 times 7 years the foundation of the World Teacher Trust on 18 November 1971. As per Indian counting, it is the 50th anniversary since the seed of the Trust started sprouting🌱 In the meanwhile, the Trust dedicated to the World Teacher, Lord Maitreya, has developed profound subtle roots, and outwardly it has grown to a tree with branches in many countries of the world. You can see here a video about its development, from the Music of the Soul series.

In Engelberg 2008, during the celebration of 25 years WTT-Global (earlier WTT-Europe), Master KPK (Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar) spoke about the foundation of the World Teacher Trust in 1971. Here are some notes from the talk:

“A group gathered around Master EK. One group member suggested, ‘Why don’t we form an organisation to organize all your work?’ Already a book was written on Lord Krishna and another about Master CVV. And whatever he (Master EK) was speaking was taken note of. He (the group member) suggested that we should have an institution. Master EK did not even think of an institution. He waited. In the month of Leo the suggestion came; he waited until the month of Scorpio. He had the impulse to name the institution “The World Teacher Trust”. Those who have trust in the World Teacher can join the Trust. Through teaching, healing and service they evolve and transcend death. They take to the 3rd initiation. There are two steps – to realize immortality, and for eternity to serve humanity as a member of Hierarchy.
At that time I was invited to form the WTT. I was 26 years old. In Nov. 71, I was invited to institute the WTT. The objectives of the Trust were informed. He said, “You are the best to set it up and hereafter guide the Trust.” So in 1971, I was given the privilege of constituting the institution and set up the constitution of the Trust. It happened through me with the instruction of Master EK. It was constituted on 18th November, on a Thursday.
The movement was growing, certain contacts were coming, and the Master moved to the West as early as 1972. On 22nd April 1972, he moved to Belgium. 1971 was the constitution; 72 in April there was the tour to the West.”

This way, the World Teacher Trust manifested according to the greater Plan. After having spoken the above words, Master KPK said:
“I feel more than graced by the Hierarchy. They invisibly help me, and visibly you help me to fulfil the work. So we are a triangle, the Invisible Ones, the group on the other side, and I am the sandwich in between. This is how the triangle has been working, and much good work has been happening thanks to your good practice.”

The symbol of the World Teacher Trust is the Winged Globe – to “lift up the Earth to the Kings of Beauty”.

18 November 1971: Foundation of the World Teacher Trust

In “Music of the Soul“, the symbol of the Winged Globe is described as being on the top of a building in Dwaraka (the place where Lord Krishna lived), with seven floors named Visvagarbha, meaning the Cosmic Globe. There, a fire ritual was being conducted:
“The cosmic intelligences that were being stimulated through the holy flame floated in air and spread over the city in the form of the great blessings. The sign of the Winged Globe fluttered on the flag hoisted about the tower of the Cosmic Globe.”
You find more about the profound symbolism of the Winged Globe in “Secret Doctrine“, Vol. 1.

18 November 1971: Foundation of the World Teacher TrustPhoto of Master EK and Master KPK in front of the image of Master CVV 18 November 1971: Foundation of the World Teacher TrustChart of the foundation of WTT, Visakhapatnam, 18 November 1971, 13:30 h

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