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12 Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer in Babies and Kids

By Sangeetha

My baby seems to have mouth ulcer, what do I do?

There is a boil in my child's mouth, should I rush her to the doctor?

Are these questions bothering you?

Today I bring to you the home remedies for mouth ulcer in babies and kids which are really effective.

12 Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer in Babies and Kids
When it comes to your baby, even the slightest thing can result in sleepless nights. For your little munchkin it could be something really small that is irritating her, for you seeing your little one in distress can make you worry and lose sleep. But once you know the root cause, there are quite a few things you can handle on your own, without rushing to your pediatrician.

Mommies, one of the issues you can tackle at home are mouth ulcers in babies, toddlers and kids. Today we will be looking at some tried and tested home remedies to deal with these pesky ulcers.

What are mouth ulcers?

Mouth ulcers or canker sores are sores that are formed inside the mouth. They are generally white with redness around it. They are not contagious and can be treated at home.

They are caused due to different reasons like,

    Stress - yes your little one can get stressed out during times of illnesses.
Symptoms of mouth ulcer in babies and toddlers:
    Injury - This can happen due to brushing or biting insides of the cheek.
    Pain - Mouth ulcers are really painful, more so for little ones.
    Irritation - If your child seems irritated; make sure you check his mouth for ulcers.
    Refusal to eat - Eating becomes painful due to the ulcer and feeding them can be painful for you too.
#1. Honey
    Deficiencies - Deficiency of Vitamin B, iron or zinc can cause mouth ulcers.

The signs and symptoms of mouth ulcer in babies, toddlers and kids are as follows.

#2. Honey and Turmeric

12 Safe and effective home remedies for mouth ulcer in babies and kids:

If your little one has a mouth ulcer, you can help relieve the pain with the help of these remedies. Unfortunately mouth ulcers can take up to 14 days or at times more to clear up. A really long time for something seemingly small right?

#3. Coconut

Honey has anti-microbial properties, so it helps to heal the ulcer faster. All you have to do is apply a bit of honey on the ulcer. The best part is that it tastes good too, so kids won't object.

But unfortunately, honey shouldn't be used for kids under 1. You can read why honey shouldn't be given to babies below 1 year.

You know how your mom would reach out for the turmeric if she ever cut herself in the kitchen?

#4. Ghee or Clarified Butter

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial properties that expedites the process of healing. A paste of turmeric and honey can not only help relieve the pain but only help the ulcer heal faster.

#5. Buttermilk

Just like moms, this one is quite a multi tasker. Why so? You can use various forms of this to help deal with mouth ulcers.

Oil, water or milk - all three can be used in the treatment of mouth ulcers at home.

#6. Curd

Give coconut water to your baby or kids. The coconut milk when gargled gives immense results in soothing the mouth ulcers in older kids. In toddlers the coconut oil can be dabbed on the ulcer. Virgin coconut oil is proven to be the best remedy for mouth ulcers in babies above 6 months. However moderation is the key.

#7. Curry leaves

Ghee can be dabbed directly onto the sore for relief and to enable healing. Most kids like the taste of clarified butter so applying it won't be much of an issue.

Buttermilk contains lactic acid, which help to curb bacterial growth and activity. So use buttermilk as a mouth wash.

You can also give buttermilk to drink on a daily basis to babies above 8 months and toddlers.

#8. Aloe Vera

Having curd is said to relieve the symptoms because like buttermilk, even curd contains lactic acid. If your child doesn't like to eat curd, you can prepare some yummy fruit smoothies by adding curd and honey.

A paste made from a few curry leaves when mixed with buttermilk also known as 'sambaram' becomes a tasty and effective treatment for cold sores. You can ask your kid to drink it or use as a mouth wash.

#9. Holy basil leaves or tulsi leaves

Curry leaves are anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. It also contain a lot of vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin C. So if your child has developed an ulcer due to a vitamin deficiency, then make sure to add curry leaves to his diet.

You can also make a powder of roasted curry leaves with coconut and salt. Give it to your kids along with ghee in his rice.

#10. Warm water and salt rinse

The miracle plant aloe vera is also really good to treat mouth ulcers. You can use the gel like secretion from the plant directly onto the ulcer.

Don't worry about the rest of the gel, you can apply it on your face or hair too as this plant has a host of beauty and health benefits.

#11. Ice lollies and Ice cream

Chewing basil leaves acts a great home remedy for ulcers. You can give 2 to 3 leaves to your child to chew on.

Tulsi or Holy basil is also known to treat other issues in children like cough, cold, fever etc.

You know this combo - warm water with salt rinse works wonders for a sore throat. It works here too.

You can do this for older kids who can give a good swirl and spit it out.

#12. Hydration

An ulcer can be quite painful for a kid, so to make the healing process fun for your little munchkin you can give them ice lollies (made at home preferably). The cold treat will help numb the area and relieve the pain.

Here's how you can make a simple ice lolly.

12 Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer in Babies and Kids

Puree deseeded watermelon and pour into ice trays. Keep in the deep freezer for 5 minutes. Once the lolly is about to be solidified, insert wooden toothpicks into each of the ice cubes. Deep freeze for another 1 to 2 hours.

  • Avoid giving your child hot food
  • Avoid food that is too spicy as it can irritate them further
  • Avoid anything with sharp tangy tastes
  • Use soft bristled brushes for the teeth
  • If the ulcer doesn't subside even after two weeks or your child seems to be getting it too often talk to his doctor
  • Ulcers outside the mouth could be a cold sore and is contagious. Get him checked by his paediatrician if you see a sore outside his mouth.

A simple and healthy homemade ice lolly is ready for your child

Your child might be experiencing difficulty in eating or drinking because of the ulcer, but it is important that the child drinks plenty of fluids and stays hydrated. Dehydration can lead to the insides of the mouth to dry up which will worsen the ulcer.

For babies, do breastfeed as it helps with hydration and healing mouth sores. For babies above 6 months, try giving semi-solid or liquid food to your child so they experience the least amount of discomfort.

Apart from these home remedies, also do keep these points in mind.

Hope this article on home remedies for mouth ulcers in babies and toddlers was helpful.

Mommies, do you have any tried and tested home remedies to soothe mouth ulcers in children? Do share with me in the comments.

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