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12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)

Posted on the 19 January 2020 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Looking for a content marketing strategy for your online venture?


Experts from all over the world sharing their views on- Best Content Marketing Strategy For Small Business.

Let's find out what their Content Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses...

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12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)

12+ Experts On-Best Content Marketing Strategies For Small Business(2020)

1) Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson is a blogger, podcaster and side project aficionado that teaches 400,000 monthly readers how to start a blog and grow a profitable side business at

12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)

For small businesses that rely on attracting local customers in order to grow, the #1 piece of content marketing advice I'd give is to invest in creating long-form content that can own the most important local search terms.

Rayn's Best Content Marketing Strategy:

For example, if you're a boutique flower shop located in Petaluma, California, then you should create a series of long-form blog posts (designed to rank high in organic Google search results) about the best florists in Petaluma. This could take the form of a roundup article like "23 Best Florists in Petaluma for Deliveries, Weddings, and Events in 2019" that's geared toward ranking as the top result for searches like "best florist Petaluma."

Another content idea could even be an interview-style article like, "12 Top Considerations When Choosing a Wedding Florist in Petaluma" that breaks down reviews from past customers talking about why they liked your services and would be designed to rank for searches like "wedding florist Petaluma." The more content you create and share around important search terms your customers are out there Googling, the more likely you are to attract those shoppers to your website.

Invest in creating a consistent content publishing schedule, as this strategy builds momentum and pays off more and more over time.

2) Christoph Trappe

Top 25 Content Marketer | Top 100 Digital Marketer | Public Relations Leader | Publishing Exec | Marketing + Communications Exec | Change Agent | Author | Speaker

12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)

3) Larry G. Maguire

Website/blog: Cristoph's Best Content Marketing Strategy:

Larry is a writer specializing in the psychology of human performance and creative expertise. He lives in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and three children and writes daily on creativity and the meaning of work. Get a weekly summary of his work in his Sunday Letters private newsletter.

12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)

The most effective content marketing strategy I can offer any small business is to write in their niche regularly. Write, write, write, and write honestly, without a hard sell. Content marketing is not about selling, it's about providing valuable content that helps readers get where they want to go.

Website/Blog: Larry's Best Content Marketing Strategy:

Do that and you'll build a trusting audience. Commit to writing and make it a weekly, or even daily habit, then syndicate that content to other channels. For example; if you've been writing on your blog, you can take those articles and publish them again on Search engines won't penalize you for doing so, in fact, your content will likely go much further. Medium is a writing platform with domain rank of 98 and over 60 million monthly readers worldwide and you can attract some of that traffic with a little work.

You don't need to edit the article before republishing but it may help. In simple terms, here's what to do; 1. Set up an account on Medium (using Twitter to signup). 2. Set up a "Publication" on Medium (or find one in your niche that already exists and requests to contribute). 3. Submit your articles to that publication. Do these things and publish on a regular basis and you can even begin to earn some money. Currently, I earn about $100 per month.

Some writers earn several thousand per month, but it takes lots of work to get there. Folks, if you want your content to make an impact you must write, write, write, then write some more. Perhaps, unfortunately, it's a numbers game but if you commit you'll get noticed eventually. Write quality and write often. That's my advice.

4) Zontee Hou

Zontee Hou is a passionate advisor and teacher of communications. She's the founder of Brooklyn-based agency Media Volery, working with small and medium businesses, and co-lead of consulting for Jay Baer's Convince & Convert, working with major brands.

12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)

Focus on building well-rounded trust. 76% of respondents of the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer said they paid attention to a brands' advertising/communications when it was a brand they have "trusted for a long time." For small businesses, that means that creating content that conveys ethos (credibility, expertise, experience), pathos (emotional understanding), logos (relevant information), and kairos (timeliness) is absolutely essential.

Each piece of content should speak to at least one of these categories in order to provide value to your audience. And using these four rhetorical devices to plan your content calendar is an easy way to make sure you're building trust with every content piece.

Zontee's Hou Best Content Marketing Strategy :

5) Viveka Von Rosen

Viveka von Rosen is Cofounder of Vengreso, the largest provider of full-spectrum digital sales transformation solutions. Known as the @LinkedInExpert, she's the author of the best-selling LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day & LinkedIn 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand!". She is a regular contributor and has been featured in Forbes, BuzzFeed, Inc, Entrepreneur, Selling Power and the Social Media Examiner.

12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)

When people think of content marketing strategies, chances are they are thinking of content calendars and blogs and marketing campaigns. Which is great! You should do and have all those things. But I would invite you to think about how you can repurpose and drive visibility for that content on LinkedIn.

Especially if you happen to be in the B2B space. Did you know that LinkedIn has 640 Million users now, but of those 640 million, only 30 million are sharing regularly? But guess what? Those 30 million shares are getting 90 BILLION impressions. So... are you sharing your content? Here's my ninja trick when sharing content, whether it is a blog link, a native video, a youtube link, a native document or an infographic or image. Make FULL use of the 1200 characters you have in the description section.

👉🏼Address who might be interested in the article (buyer persona)

Viveka's Best Content Marketing Strategy:

👉🏼Tell them what the content is about (maybe outline in bullet form)

👉🏼Let them know how long it will take to review the article or video or document

👉🏼Use a CTA to "leave a comment below" (or click-through or read or whatever)

👉🏼Use emojis to draw attention

👉🏼@Mention anyone relevant to the post (companies or individuals)

👉🏼Use 1 #Unique hashtag and two #popular hashtags (like #VengresoPics, #ContentMarketing, #LinkedInTips) Share with your colleagues and influencers and ask them to share it too.

This will exponentially increase the views of your content on LinkedIn and drive visibility for your business!

6) Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy is an entrepreneur and growth-focused content marketer. She built her content agency, Express Writers, from scratch to over $4M in revenue in just seven years, and was named an industry thought leader in content marketing by Forbes in 2018. Today, she's the author of two bestselling books, founder of The Content Hacker, and she's getting ready to publish her third book, a narrative nonfiction memoir of her life. Julia lives in Austin, Texas with her daughter and husband.

12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)

Building a content marketing strategy was a game-changer for Express Writers, and is the single most important piece of marketing advice I can give. The fact is, trustworthy content performs better than ads. According to The Ad Strategist, ROAS dropped from 11.8x to .6x ROA from 2016 to 2018.

Ads aren't the only way to reach your target audience anymore, plus, the ROA is downright terrible - you're likely to waste your money each time unless you're in a great niche with zero competition. Invest your money, time, and resources into developing a content marketing strategy, instead.

Focus on creating quality, growth-driven, authority-building SEO content that answers questions and solves problems for your customers. The #1 organic position in Google nets 33% of all search traffic. This statistic is huge, but shouldn't come as a surprise. It's simple: the higher your site can rank on SERPs, the more traffic you'll see. With over 3 billion Google searches per day, your website's traffic opportunities are endless. Ranking on SERPs won't happen without a solid strategy, though.

Website/Blog: Julia's Best Content Marketing Strategy

Build your small business's content marketing strategy by first defining what makes your business stand out. The next steps are to discover your audience and establish your online presence. From there, educate yourself and your team, and learn to understand the worth of high-quality content (and how to create it!).

Finally, create an editorial calendar built around your strategy, and delegate if you have to. You wouldn't attack any big goal and expect to reach it without first putting a plan in place. Approach your content marketing with a strategy, and you will see results.

Larry Kim is the CEO of MobileMonkey, the World's Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform and free chatbot builder. He's also the founder of WordStream, Inc., the leading provider of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and keyword tools used by over a million marketers worldwide. The company employs over three hundred people and manages billions of dollars of ad spend on behalf of tens of thousands of customers. WordStream was acquired by Gannett for $150 million.

12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)

One powerful strategy that you can try today is drip campaigns through Facebook messenger. Drip campaigns are sets of automated emails that are triggered when a user engaged on your page on certain actions.

You can set up chatbot drip campaigns from messenger using a chatbot builder like MobileMonkey ( MobileMonkey's feature can help you seamlessly launch drip campaigns that can help your content increase its visibility and engagement. Messenger drip campaigns get 8x more conversion than emails.

Jacob is the Head of Marketing at Primis, the world's leader in Video Discovery. He has managed the communications activities of SimilarWeb and has extensive experience in all things digital marketing.

Larry's Best Content Marketing Strategy:
12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)

Most great pieces of B2B content begin with a piece of data that you exclusively have access to and provides your target audience with actionable insights. This is what establishes thought leadership. So, begin with data and let it expand from there.

However, if you don't have an analyst or writer on staff, then creating content based on data can be a challenge. You spend days finding the right insight, share it with your audience, and then it's gone. It seems like a poor return on investment, right?

That's why I suggest something that I like to call Every Part of the Buffalo Strategy. For Native Americans, there was great respect for all living things and food was sparse, so to throw away even the bones of a buffalo was unacceptable. In content marketing terms, creating great content isn't easy, so when you do it, make sure you use it in every way possible.

For example, if you or your analyst find a helpful insight or data point:

Website/Blog: Jacob's Best Content Marketing Strategy:

- Pitch that insight to relevant journalists

- Turn the insight into a social media post

- Build a blog off that insight

- Use the insight to answer questions on Reddit and Quora

- Make a video about the blog

- Include that blog in a monthly newsletter

- Combine that insight with others to create an infographic

- Combine the blog with others to create gated content

These are just a few examples off the top of my head, but each business has its own channels to use tap into.

Mary Hartman has been nurturing contagious enthusiasm on the topic of paid digital marketing strategy for over 8 years. She is a Sr. Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing, where she works with complex clients to rapidly scale their businesses through paid channels. Mary has previously spoken at HeroConf and PubCon, and is a blogger for, Instapage, the Clix blog and more. She loves sharing lessons from her client experiences and helping others fly as high as Hanapin's PPCHeroes.

12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)

Make use of all the brainpower in your professional community to craft high-value industry reports. Some of the most successful content Hanapin releases are in the form of polls taken from industry professionals, such as the highly anticipated State of PPC and State of Paid Social reports.

The reports are specific enough to show a unique "you read it here first" value but they are relevant across multiple verticals and disciplines in the marketing world. Find an eye-catching niche, and cultivate responses across your existing blog and social media accounts, as well as your personal connections in the industry.

We leverage our team and even our clients, who are very aware of what's new in the industry and they all have strong opinions about where they will be steering their budget in the next fiscal year. Everyone has an opinion that they're willing to express if you approach them with short polls and you're up-front about the time it will take to complete the survey.

The value of trend-spotting is important and shows that your company is riding the latest wave in your industry. Be intentional when writing polls and selecting participants for your study. And be sure to not just release your content as a lone pdf! Insights taken from industry studies can be turned into terrific interactive content from infographics to blog posts, videos, and webinars.

Website/Blog: -

10) Chintan Zalani

Mary's Best Content Marketing Strategy

Chintan is a writer and an ROI-focused content marketer. You can get in touch with him at Elite Content Marketer and learn how to grow your business through content.

12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)

For a small business owner, starting with targeting keywords might not be as fruitful. It makes more sense to answer the frequently asked questions by their community and tie them back to keywords.

Taking an audience-first approach instead of blindly targeting long-tail keywords will ensure that you drive targeted traffic. Further, you can also use parts of the content assets that you create through these questions in the middle and the bottom of the funnel.

Marcus Svensson is Head of Growth at Albacross, a B2B lead generation platform, with previous experience as a founder and background in Mathematics from Stanford. Albacross is one of the top lead generation tools in Europe today and growing with hundreds of new companies every day.

12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)
Chintan's Best Content Marketing Strategy:


Content is one of the most powerful marketing channels for attracting and retaining a clearly defined audience. There are plenty of strategies to experiment with since content marketing is most efficient when distributed in various formats and across multiple platforms.

When planning your content, it's always a great idea to collaborate with different teams in your company. For example, developer representatives are well conversant with the peculiarities of the product or service, while the support team is more aware of the customers' needs and issues. Thus, when creating a 'how-to' piece or case study, such cooperation with other teams will result in more valuable content. Besides, the customer support reps are an indispensable source for the FAQ section of your website.

Following the 20/80 promo ratio (where 80% of the total time investment goes to promotion) should be a top priority for any business.

Actually, with the help of social media, it's possible to generate high-quality leads through advanced targeting. With an advanced targeting marketing strategy, your advertising can be visible to the most relevant users. No wonder Gary Vaynerchuk takes social media so seriously.

The thing is that many B2B marketers find it a challenge to nail the tone and voice of their brand. If it's too professional, it runs the risk of being boring and robotic. If it's too conversational, it might be seen as unprofessional. Instead of completely removing social media as a tool of your promotion activities I would suggest working on establishing social media strategy and using employee advocacy to maximize your reach and engagement. Basically, it's when your employees to share your content on social media.

Employee advocacy is proven to be highly effective: Data shows that content shared by employees receive 8x more engagement than content shared by brands.

Marcus's Best Content Marketing Strategy:

James Svoboda is CEO at WebRanking and has been in search marketing since 1999. James is also a Founder and Vice President of MnSearch, the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association, an ADworld Experience ambassador and #PPCchat supporting partner.

12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)

One of the best Content Marketing Strategies we implement for clients is researching Google Search Suggestions (aka Autocomplete) for content topics, keywords and themes to build focused content that generates ongoing search traffic.

In particular, we target keyword segments for Question & Preposition keywords in this research to build out helpful guides, tips and FAQ pages for clients. Because Autocomplete Search Suggestions are formed from past searches and will be suggested to future searchers, you can be confident producing content for them will be a worthy investment.

Building Help & FAQ Content based on this research is beneficial in several ways:

Online tools such as Answer The Public and both great sources with free versions that provide keyword suggestions for Questions & Prepositions.

Quick Links:

Website/Blog: James's Best Content Marketing Strategy

Final Verdict: Best Content Marketing Strategies For Smal Business 2020

As of now, we are having 12 Experts who are sharing their best of best Content Marketing Strategies for Small Business. And if you're one of them who wants to grow a small business using content marketing then for sure, these content marketing tips will help you a lot.

I hope this post, suits your purpose well and if you liked the post, then kindly share it on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LikedIn.

12+ Experts Roundups On- Best Content Marketing Strategies In (2020)
  • Saves Customer Service time and resources by having these help pages already on your site.
  • Demonstrates your expertise in your industry to potential customers.
  • Builds your authority for related content themes in your particular niche.
  • Attracts Search Traffic from a relative audience and potential customers.
  • Great non-salsey content perfect for sharing on your social channels that your current followers will be more inclined to like and reshare .
  • It provides great non-commercial content that's more likely to earn free social shares from visitors.
  • Often less competitive than non-informational keyword segments with commercial intent.

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