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12 Easy Recipes for 1 Year Old Baby That Are Simple to Make and Yummy Too!

By Shwetashetye

Feeding kids can be a very tricky job, and finding recipes for 1 year old baby, even trickier. Particularly hard when you have a fussy eater at hand. Add to that the mammoth task of deciding the day to day menu and you are at your wit's end. Through my experiences and research, let me share with you top 12 recipes, all tried and tested- and approved by the most finickiest of eaters. Go ahead try them and come back to thank me later.

This recipe is a sure shot winner. Kids love to eat pasta as it's easy for them to eat on their own as well. Add to it the goodness of tomato and you are set.

This recipe can go in lunch as well as dinner. It can be served with soft boiled noodles or a fried rice loaded with veggies. You will not hear a whimper about the veggies.

Try this when you want something quick and healthy. Broken wheat has good quantity of fiber and cottage cheese is rich in proteins. Throw in veggies of your choice and you have a healthy wholesome one-pot meal at hand.

If in doubt, make soup. Kids love soups. This is of the right kind of thickness. Liquid enough to be called soup and thick enough to pass as a meal.

Kids love desserts. Heck most of us love dessert. I am suspicious of people who don't love dessert. Well, we digress. I love giving my baby a bowl full of custard as I can sneak in some fruits. What I don't like is that the corn starch can cause constipation in some babies. This will take care of corn starch. Check it out.

The name of the recipe say wholesome veggie soup, however, it has a good quantity of healthy cereals, pulses and vegetables as well. Again a one-pot wonder.

This is a god-send on days when you are tired and don't want to do any REAL cooking.

Chicken nuggets can be unhealthy as they are deep fried however kids love them. Try these since they are shallow fried thereby solving your dilemma.

Say "crackers" and we think of packaged food.But these are homemade with whole wheat flour. Yes you heard me right. Definitely a Mommy-Baby win win recipe.

This can double up as your healthy breakfast as well. No need to cook separate food for you and the baby. Definitely big on time saving.

"Baked" spells healthy. These "fries" are just that. Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber and beta-carotene.

When this recipe of uses the word "quick" , it means it. Bookmark it for those rushed days.

So here's our list of quick fix recipes which every toddler will love. What are your favorite, easy peasy recipes? Please share with us in the comments section.

12 easy recipes for 1 year old baby that are simple to make and yummy too!

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