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12 Days of Round-Up: Favorite Indie Brand

By Thepolishwell @thepolishwell
This year, all of us were spoilt with many offerings from various indie brands that sprung up and literally took the nail community by storm so much so that my round-up would be incomplete without them.
For the new and uninitiated, indie polishes are usually made by small polish companies or individuals. They exploded in popularity because of the unique and incredibly beautiful polishes that these brands offer. Glitter polishes are the most common but recently, indie brands are also offering other finishes such as holographic and shimmer polishes.
Despite the hundreds of indie labels out there, not all indie brands are equally successful and only a few excellent ones manage to build a loyal following in the nail community. Even though I did not try every single brand, I have been keeping a watchful eye on the indie market and remained very selective with my purchases (The Wallet has been tight on funds lately).
I have caved in only on a few occasions and going by the number of polishes I have bought from each brand, my favorite indie label of the year is...
12 Days of Round-Up: Favorite Indie Brand
Yup! HARE polish!
No surprises, right? I haven't been keeping my love too secret... hehheh
So what got me so crazy over HARE?
I first fell in love with the Nikole's first few creations for their simplicity - simple yet stunning and unique. The glitters go very well with the base color and the ratio of glitter-to-base is just perfect - eye catching without being glitter bombs.
Nikole's newer collections are a marked departure from her old style. The glitter mixes are now more complex and the glitters are more dense. And yet, my love affair continues. Each of polishes sport a bold yet well-thought-out mix of colors that never fail to catch me by surprise. Yes, that girl got an eye for color I say! I can't help falling in love with her polishes even though I am not usually adventurous with color combinations. <3
Of course, I absolutely love her labels too! Who could resist such a cute bunny?! :$
In short, I am a diehard HARE fan. :L
I have had a few questions asking where I get my HARE fix. I follow them on Facebook for information about their restocks - ok that's an understatement, I also selected "get notifications" (hover above the "like" button) so I wouldn't miss a single update. After that, it is really a matter of battling it out at her Etsy store - fastest fingers (and network) first!
Now, tell me, which indie brand has your heart? ;)
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